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Years K - 6 Athletics Carnival

The Years K-6 Athletics Carnival will be held at ES Marks Athletics Field, corner of Boronia Street and Anzac Parade, Kensington on Wednesday 12 June.

Year 3 to Year 6 events will begin at 9.15am. Kindergarten to Year 2 will begin at 11.30am. Years 3-6 will be leaving SCEGGS at 8.30am, while Years K-2 will have classes as usual in the morning, leaving SCEGGS by bus at 10.30am. Kindergarten to Year 6 events will run concurrently. The Carnival will conclude for all girls at 2.00pm. Girls travelling back to school by bus will return by 3.00pm.

will meet as usual for rehearsal before school, and Gymnastics, yoga, touch football and netball skills will take place as usual after school for those who would like to attend. After School Care will also run as usual.

Girls are asked to wear full PE uniform to school, including sun hats. Girls may decorate their uniforms with House colours, for example: T-shirt, socks and/or ribbons in House colours and hats decorated with House colours. Girls catching public transport to and from school must wear full PE uniform, adding their House colours upon their arrival at school and returning to full PE uniform before going home in the afternoon.

Things to Take
Girls: Sunscreen, sun hats, track suits (in case of cold weather), recess, lunch, drinks and snacks.
Parents and Friends: There are no canteen facilities available at the track, and unfortunately the field does not permit schools to have their own refreshment stalls. Parents are asked to bring their own refreshments with them.

Transport/Permission from Parents
Girls will be travelling by hired bus from SCEGGS to the track. All girls in Kindergarten to Year 2 will leave by bus from SCEGGS. Girls in Years 3 to 6 may be driven by parents to meet the rest of the school at the track if permission from parents, in writing, has been received by class teachers before June 12. Girls being driven must be at the track by 9.15am. Similarly, girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 may leave the track with their parents, or parents of friends, at the conclusion of the Carnival, again only if permission from parents, in writing, has been received by teachers before the day of the Carnival.

Girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 will not be given permission to leave the field before the end of the Carnival. At the end of the Carnival, girls leaving the field with parents must inform their class teacher, in person, that they are leaving.

Inclement Weather
In the case of inclement weather the Carnival may be cancelled, in which case a normal school day will proceed. A decision will be made at 8.00am. If in doubt please call the PE wet weather line (9332 4179) after 8.05am. Please do not call before 8.05am as this will interfere with the recording of the wet weather message. This information will also be available on SCEGGSSport via the Twitter Feed. To do this, download Twitter from the App Store or Google Play and search for SCEGGS Sport.

We are all looking forward to an enjoyable day, and I do hope parents, grandparents and other people special in the girls’ lives are able to join us.

Elizabeth Cumming
Head of Primary School

Primary Success at the 2019 da Vinci Decathlon

Each year the Primary School enters teams into the da Vinci Decathlon at Knox Grammar School. The Decathlon is an academic competition which places particular emphasis on higher order thinking skills, problem solving and creativity. This year, there were over 1300 students participating in the Stage 3 division of the competition.

We entered one Year 5 team and one Year 6 team. Members of the Year 5 team were Natalie Assaad, Pippa Brenner, Emma Conway, Gracie Dunlop, Jemima Lowe, Emilia Narev, Zara Perkins and Audrey Stylianou.

The Year 6 team members were Bianca Hardge, Stella Manos, Aasha Maunsell, Simran Murphy, Elizabeth Shin, Alex Tavendale, Helaina Travassaros and Amelia Whelan. The students worked collaboratively in their teams to solve problems involving engineering, mathematics, code breaking, art and poetry, science, cartography, English and ideation.

Our Year 5 team did very well and were awarded a 2nd place in General Knowledge. Our Year 6 team was also acknowledged and won the general quiz at the conclusion of the day. Congratulations to all members of both teams for their hard work leading up to the competition and their participation and success on the day.


BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary School 1  BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary School 2 

BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary School 3


Paul McGrath
Deputy Head of Primary School