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Primary Sport

Artistic Gymnastics
Several of our Level 3 and 4 Artistic levels girls attended an Inner-City Region clinic at Homebush on Sunday June 2nd. They were guided by expert coaches at six different stations where they refined current skills and were exposed to new techniques to work on. Thank you to Glen Hay, Taylor Jones and Mariennne Butler for accompanying the girls.

BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Artistic Gym 2.6.19 2 BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Artistic Gym 2.6.19. 1 2
 BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Artistic Gym 2.6.19. 2 2  

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Our Rhythmic gymnasts competed in the SCEGGS in house competition on Saturday 1st June. Congratulations to Bianca Hardge, Georgia Farrow, Hannah James, Ilana Patkar, Madison Liew, Cassandra Davies, Sally Webster and Laura Davies for their performance. All girls competed with confidence in their new Rhythmic Gymnastics routines in freehand, rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon.

BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Iiana Patkar Rhythmic 2 BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Cassie Davies Rhythmic 2

CIS Cross Country
Nancy Newton and Anjola Petrie have been training hard and will be competing in the IPSHA team at the CIS Cross Country on Thursday 13th June at Eastern Creek. We wish them both the best of luck in their event.

Cross Country Relay
Congratulations to Nancy Newton who competed in the State Cross Country 4 X 2k relay on Saturday 25th May. Her team came second in the event.

BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Nancy Newton Cross Country relay 1 2 BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Nancy Newton. Cross Country relay 2

Athletics Carnival
The Primary Carnival will be held on Wednesday 12th June at E.S. Marks Athletics Field, Cnr Boronia St & Anzac Parade, Kensington. The carnival will commence at approximately 9.15am and end at 2.00pm.

All girls will be in a 100m sprint race, their class relay and can enter all field events and the 800m. Girls receive a point for their House when they compete in an event.

We have been informed by IPSHA that NSWPSSA has added 1500m as an event. IPSHA will also have the 1500m event as the last event of the day at their carnival. The 1500m will also be run at CIS this year.

In light of this we will run a Primary 1500m event at Athletics training on Monday 17th June at ES Marks Athletics field for any girls interested. The girls will catch the school bus at 3.15pm, and can remain at training until the finish at 4.50pm. Pick up is at ES Marks at 4.50pm or at the Sports Hall at approximately 5.20pm.

If you would like your daughter to participate, please let me know via email Please see below the qualifying times for IPSHA:
1500m GIRLS 8-10yrs 5m59s
1500m GIRLS 11yrs 5m40s
1500m GIRLS 12/13yrs 5m33s

All Primary Co-curricular sport on Wednesday 12th June will go ahead after school.


Sue Phillips
Primary Sport Co-ordinator