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Did you know our primary aim for this year’s Green Festival on Forbes on Sunday 25 August is to reduce rubbish going to landfill by 50%? There are so many ways the whole SCEGGS community can help us achieve this goal.

BYO Water Bottle and Keep Cup
Our wonderful Green Team have organised two Sydney Water refill stations for the Festival on Forbes plus all the school’s regular water bubblers to allow everyone at the fair to refill their water bottles for free!

Please remember to bring your own Keep Cup or reusable cup along for your coffees and hot drinks. There will be a free mug swap too, just pick up a clean mug from one of the baskets beside a coffee cart and hand it to the barista.

And don’t worry if you forget, there will be reusable water bottles and keep cups for sale. Single use cups will also be available, along with separate waste bins for the cups and the plastic lids.

Make sure to pop into our Enviro Stall where lots of interesting things will be happening all day, with great things to buy to help save our planet.

NOT SO FUN FACT: Australians consume more than 50,000 cups of take away coffee every half hour. An estimated 1 billion takeaway cups end up in landfill every year in Australia, taking more than 50 years to break down. Can you believe the plastic lids take 500 years to breakdown?

A big thank you to our wonderful Green Team – Ulrika Aroney, Juliet Schmidt and Sarah Stewart-Jones for all their hard work to date, you are doing an awesome job!

Year 7 Vintage Clothing Stall
Are there wearable items in your wardrobe that no longer "spark joy"? You can donate these to the Year 7 Vintage Clothing Stall. Click here to find out more.

The Festival on Forbes Committee