In This Together

Here are a few interesting resources which you might find helpful:

1. A 6-minute Ted talk on grit – the power of passion and perseverance:
2. A podcast on parenting, featuring Carol Dweck, Stanford Professor of Psychology, which examines mindset, motivation, and parenting tips in the context of her recently receiving the Yidan Prize. (if you are time poor, the “tips” begin at around the 10-minute mark...)
3. Despite the title of the article below, it’s less about technology and more about how caring for each other is an antidote to the rapid increase in anxiety among our kids and in our culture in general. It’s a nice reminder to calm down, slow down and keep mindfully moderating and restraining ours and our kid’s use of screens.
4. A short, interesting article on Why Stepping Back Can Empower Kids in an anxious world

Jenny Allum
Head of School