In This Together

“In partnership with the school, it is essential that our parents are empowered with the knowledge and skills to help them navigate their daughters’ educational and social growth.”

Our Path Ahead (SCEGGS Strategic Plan)

For our parents, that knowledge can come from many different places – articles, family members, SCEGGS staff, news, blogs, friends... the list goes on! There is a lot of wisdom amongst the parents within the SCEGGS community too! And from time to time, we’d like to use In This Together to share tips and advice submitted by your fellow SCEGGS parents that might help you navigate each of your daughter’s growth in the years ahead.

So to start us off, our first question is about the screen time guidelines you use at home with your children. We’d love you to submit your favourite tip or guideline about screen time in your family using this quick survey link:

What sort of tip could you share? Perhaps thinking about questions like these might get you started:

  • How much TV do you allow on a weeknight?
  • Which screens do you allow in bedrooms?
  • Do you collect or turn off all screens an hour before bedtime?
  • Which screens do you allow in your children's bedrooms and when?

... or some other aspect of screen time all together! We’d love to hear from everyone who has a tip to share. This short survey will close on Monday 26 February at midday... and we will share a sample of your feedback in Behind the Green Gate next week.

Holly Gyton
Deputy Head of School