In This Together

We have been putting great efforts into strengthening our support of parenting in this modern world and have been very happy with the positive responses from this In This Together section of the newsletter over the last year. This year, we are really pleased to launch SchoolTV via this week’s edition of Behind the Green Gate. SchoolTV is an online resource designed specifically for parents to inform and assist you in dealing with matters relating to young people today. This digital wellbeing platform offers a comprehensive starting place to answer many of the questions that you might face regarding the challenges of parenting and the challenges of growing up in today’s society.

180208 SchoolTVFeaturing one of Australia’s leading adolescent psychologists, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg as a main contributor, the resource also draws on the expertise of other leaders in youth wellbeing including Professor Ian Hickie (Brain & Mind Centre), Professor Pat McGorry (Orygen), Dr Elizabeth Scott (Headspace), Ms Susan McLean (Cyber Safety Solutions) and Ms Lesley Podesta (Alannah & Madeline Foundation), among others.

Over the year, we will roll out editions of SchoolTV featuring in depth exploration on a topic in question, such as Managing Year 12, Coping with Anxiety, Cybersafety and Healthy Body Image, to name just a few. SchoolTV aggregates relevant, fact-based content from leading specialists and organisations into a single, easy to understand stream. With each edition, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg introduces the topic in video format. Following this, there is a video quiz on the topic, video Q&A from leading specialists, fact-sheets, articles and a series of resources including suggested apps, books, websites, additional videos plus many other topic based resources.

Today we proudly launch the resource, including the first edition for 2018, School Transitions. We hope that this resource is widely accessed and a helpful go-to for many parents, as it will be for teachers. We would be very keen to know if you have any questions or concerns and would welcome any feedback about this resource. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with a staff member at SCEGGS directly – Form or Class teacher; Stage or Year Co-ordinator; school counsellor, or indeed any of us at SCEGGS! And please do contact me at any time if I can help – I am always happy to chat! There is also an email link accessible on the SchoolTV website to send feedback directly to us.

Please click here to make the most of, and enjoy, this excellent resource:

Sophie Kearns
Director of Pastoral Care, and The Pastoral Team