In This Together

I have had lots of great feedback about this new section of our Newsletter. In particular, I am getting lots of suggestions from parents of possible resources, articles and ideas which could be included. (This is something I am so appreciative of and very grateful for!)

So I pass on three good books others have recommended to me.

The first is Being 14 by Madonna King.
The blurb says:
Is your daughter 14? Are you struggling to know what's going on inside her head? Are you worried? This is the book that can help you understand how she's feeling, what she's thinking and what you need to do to help her navigate her tricky teens to become a fabulous woman...

The second is A Good Enough Parent, by Bruno Bettleheim.
The blurb says:
In this book, the pre-eminent child psychologist of our time gives us the results of his lifelong effort to determine what is most crucial in successful child-rearing. His purpose is not to give parents preset rules for raising their children, but rather to show them how to develop their own insights so that they will understand their own and their children's behavior in different situations and how to cope with it. Above all, he warns, parents must not indulge their impulse to try to create the child they would like to have, but should instead help each child fully develop into the person he or she would like to be.

The third is Untangled by Lisa Damour.
The person recommending this said: “What I liked most about this book was that it was so very practical, down-to-earth and really helped me (and my daughter!). It’s also one of what seems like a minority of books on teenagers that is really positive.”

I would welcome other ideas of books, articles or topics you would like one of us to write about!

Jenny Allum
Head of School