In This Together

I thought you might be interested to know of a new book by Steve Biddulph – a psychologist, parent advisor, and educator. He has written a number of interesting books and articles, and speaks regularly on radio and in conferences etc. His new book is called: “10 Things Girls Need Most”.

I thought a really interesting, informative and challenging podcast was an interview he gave on ABC Radio. The link to the podcast is here:

Parenting educator Steve Biddulph focuses on teen girls for his new book - Afternoons - ABC Radio

You might even like to buy the book! It is hard-hitting and challenging, and you probably won’t agree with all of it. But it is a great conversation starter!
As a tempter (or a spoiler!), the summary version is


1. To be loved and secure
2. To have time to be a child and a chance to be wild
3. To know how to make good friends
4. To find her spark in life
5. To have the love and respect of a dad (or a dad substitute)
6. To have a backbone
7. To be part of the women’s movement
8. To have a happy sexuality
9. To enjoy the support of aunties, wise women and experience a rite of passage to womanhood
10. Spirit

Let me know what you liked, and what you disagreed with!

Best wishes

Jenny Allum
Head of School