Student Leadership

‘May the gift of leadership awaken in you as a vocation, Keep you mindful of the providence that calls you to serve.’ - John O’Donohue

The Term III student leadership season is a highly anticipated one on our School calendar and often one of mixed emotions. Assemblies, Chapel Services and Year Meetings over coming weeks will be dedicated to addressing some of the philosophical aspects of leadership as well as some practical elements of the roles, including the qualities required to fulfil such a service.

Later in the term, all girls and staff in the Secondary School will be invited to vote for the 2018/2019 Prefects and House Leaders. First, voting for House Prefects, House Vice Captains and House Committee will take place in House Meetings on Monday 3 September. Then, voting for Head Prefect, Deputy Head Prefect, and School Prefects will take place after Assembly on Monday 10 September with all of Years 10, 11 and 12.

Students wishing to be considered as a Prefect or House Leader will be required to apply by completing and submitting a written application to me and therefore only those students’ names will appear on the ballot forms. Before being elected to the position, I want every future student leader to have taken the time to reflect on the importance of the role and the extent of its influence. I want every future student leader to have considered how her personal values and School values are aligned and demonstrated. I often remind the girls how valuable it is that we are a school where young women are prepared to put themselves forward confidently. It requires courage to apply and own one’s God-given talents. In doing so we also risk failure and while there is great joy for many in the Term III student leadership process, it is accompanied by great disappointment for others. Not all students will receive the highly coveted badge or role. I know that many girls dream of being a student leader at SCEGGS. I hope that many, many girls do apply. Lessons from women in leadership in corporate and professional life clearly teach us the importance of putting yourself forward and being confident of yourself and your abilities.

We seek not only good leaders in this process but also good followers. Good followers are discerning and judicious. When exercising their voting powers, good followers look up to and therefore elect those students who they believe lead by example. I want all girls to reflect on the qualities and skills they see exemplified. We expect that our student leaders will be: positive role models, loyal to the School, young women of integrity and honesty, enthusiastic and joyful, compassionate and caring, reliable and committed, capable and resilient.

Being elected to School Prefect and receiving the badge does not mean that you have arrived and reached an endpoint. It marks the beginning of something formal and it also marks the continuation of the display of good character that others have recognised. It reflects the quote above and reminds students that leadership is about service.

The newly elected student leaders will be announced in the Final Assembly of the term on Friday 28 September. I look forward to working with them all in Term IV and beyond.




Resilience vs Rescue
I am sure that you, like us, want your daughter to leave SCEGGS as a resilient person - someone able to face challenges, solve problems and accept and learn from their mistakes. However, girls live in a world where opportunities to develop these skills can often be hard. There is no ambiguity in the lives of adolescence instead there are answers at the click of a button. If something goes wrong, they can be in contact by phone in an instant. If they are unsure of an answer, Google will help. Therefore, opportunities where problems arise and a simple Google search won’t provide the answer offer such value. Sometimes, though, it can be very difficult to ignore our desire to rescue and allow these opportunities to rise to the surface - to allow an opportunity for your daughter to develop greater resilience.

There is no doubt that in order to become more resilient we need to actually face disappointment, anger, rejection, worry and fear. However, when we rescue someone from experiencing these emotions-emotions which are a normal part of the human experience- we take away something much more valuable than the short-term emotion they feel. It is extremely empowering to solve a problem, to have moments of reflection on our successes and failures, our challenges and triumphs. These learning opportunities provide growth, build our sense of self-efficacy and ultimately help us to become more resilient in the future.

When your daughter is feeling anxious or worried, a ‘rescue’ response can often override other possible solutions. However, whilst allowing your daughter to have a day at home or giving them a chance to avoid feelings of discomfort may ease the anxiety momentarily, it can often do more harm in the long run. Anxiety is a natural (and important) emotion and failure, whether real or perceived, is unavoidable. I would also ask, what safer, more supportive place could you find to experience disappointment or failure? Of course, if your daughter’s level of anxiety is prolonged or feels disproportionate to the event, we would always encourage you to speak to us here at school.

Sometimes our desire to rescue is a response to our own distress or concern. Remembering that we have a choice how to respond and when to respond is actually very powerful. Having a series of questions you can ask which prompt your daughter (and sometimes yourself!) to develop their resilience and try to solve problems themselves first can be so helpful. For example:

  • What are three other possible outcomes?
  • How could you approach that conversation? We can role play this together if you’d like?
  • If your friend was experiencing this, what advice might you give them?

When our immediate response is to rescue someone, unconsciously we are also saying that we don’t have faith in their ability to solve the problem themselves. You do not have to respond immediately when you receive a message or phone call from your daughter. It can be hard to ignore, but remember that if there was a serious issue, the school would be in contact immediately.

Even as teachers, sometimes our initial response is to try to solve the problem a student brings to us! And whilst this is sometimes the right thing to do, we do a disservice to the young people we care for when we don’t give them the opportunity to try solve an issue themselves.

So, whilst we understand how hard it can be not to respond to that initial urge to rescue, remind yourself that resilience is something that grows with every challenging experience. By encouraging your daughter to practise resiliency it allows them to be courageous, independent and strong, and what amazing qualities to possess.

Bethany Lord
Director of Pastoral Care



Year 11 students would like to thank all the SCEGGS community staff and students who helped raise and contribute $2,360.05 to the Children’s Research Medical Institute as part of the national campaign Jeans for Genes. Congratulations to Millicent Gerstle in Year 11 and Eva Harris in Year 7, the two students who won the lolly guessing competition jars.

180816 Yr 11 Jeans for Genes Day

Laura Connolly
Year 11 Co-ordinator



There is still time to secure your tickets to SPAN’s Women Who Lead Q&A Panel. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from female leaders who have made significant impacts in business, media, technology, law, education and policy.

The panel will include Professor Julie Cogin, Mia Freedman, Dominique Hogan-Doran SC and Philippa King and will be moderated by Celina Edmonds.

We hope to see you there!



iPads in Year 2
This semester has seen the extension of iPad use into Year 2. Our experiences with using iPads in Kindergarten and Year 1 allowed us to see that the iPad would be a more flexible, child friendly device for our Year 2 students. iPads give children greater independence in their learning; things are much easier for a young child to find and access on an iPad. Using iPads rather than Tablet PC’s children don’t have to navigate the complexities of network storage – something young children can’t do on their own without assistance.

190816 Primary

The iPads are used in Year 2 a variety of ways, across all areas of the curriculum. The girls are creating their own learning journal through an app called Seesaw where they either share work they have digitally created or capture photographs of other work and then post to their online journal. Parents can then access this journal on their own device, allowing them to be part of their daughter’s learning journey. Apps like Book Creator and Shadow Puppet Edu are also used in a creative and exciting way. In lessons such as Integrated Studies, the girls can create their own digital books, using a range of media such as images, audio and video! A variety of apps are also used to revise key skills in areas such as Spelling. Using an app linked to our Spelling programme Sound Waves, girls can play interactive spelling games that consolidate the skills learnt in class on the sound of the week.

The iPads in Year 2 are just another welcome addition to our wonderfully technology rich classrooms in the Primary School!

Helen Dempsey
Primary ICT Co-ordinator

Primary ICAS Science Competition
Each year, the girls in Years 4 to 6 participate in the Science Competition hosted by Educational Assessment Australia. In 2018, the competition was conducted in Week 5 of Term II. The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools Science paper focuses on scientific skills and a range of literacy skills in the subject contexts of Earth and Beyond, Energy and Change, Life and Living, and Natural and Processed Materials.

The competition deals with:

  • measuring and observing
  • interpreting data
  • applying data
  • investigating
  • higher-order skills of reasoning and problem solving

In the Primary School, 8 girls were awarded certificates of Merit, 32 awarded Credit, while the following girls were awarded with Distinction or High Distinction:

Year 4
Georgia Baker-Wood
Gracie Dunlop
Sadie Juneja

High Distinction
Natalie Assaad
Zara Perkins
Paige Zillman

Year 5
Cassandra Davies
Lila Eversgerd
Bianca Hardge
Madeline McCormack
Simran Murphy
Lucia Scala
Elizabeth Shin
Madeleine Soo
Alexandra Tavendale

High Distinction
Sophia Barry
Amelia Whelan

Year 6

Zara Buchen
Mia Lamb
Lillian Shields
Simone Turner

High Distinction
Georgina Madsen
Ilana Patkar
Beatrix Rivers
Alexandra West

All of the girls who participated in the competition are to be congratulated on their effort.

Paul McGrath
Deputy Head of Primary School



Last week Year 10 left school and entered the world of work. Some students were excited, and some were apprehensive, but all were brave. It is a big thing to enter an adult workplace when you are only 15 or just turned 16. I am happy to say that Year 10 grasped the opportunity to explore a possible future career and along the way impressed their employers with their enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Students went to such a variety of workplaces – pre-schools, hospitals, law firms, photographic studios, architecture and engineering firms, marketing and PR companies, veterinary clinics, art galleries, radio and TV stations, University Departments in Mathematics and Physics, publishing houses, design centres, banks, medical research laboratories, the Zoo, CSIRO, fashion design houses, accounting firms, and work with eminent barristers and judges.

180816 Erin Zikos work experience photo

Our girls are so fortunate to be able to access amazing work experience opportunities and special thanks and appreciation is warmly extended to the parents who either offered or helped facilitate these work places. Securing a worthwhile work experience placement is often very difficult to achieve. Therefore, the generosity and assistance given by parents in helping and supervising a work experience placement was invaluable. Several Year 10 students were able to access fabulous learning experiences such as working at Lendlease, Shapiro Galleries, working alongside Justice Sarah Hugget and Dr Sarah Pritchard SC, the CSIRO, Black Communications PR company, Grazia magazine, the UNSW Physics Department, Sydney Cancer Genetics and the Chemical Pathology Lab at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, St Johns NSW, Kate Bell Interior Architecture & Design, FJMT Design & Eleven Music management. And these are only the ones that I know about! I’m sure there are other parents of the SCEGGS community that assisted students with obtaining a beneficial and rewarding work experience placement. Thank you!

180816 quantum physics work experience photo

Congratulations to Year 10 for their wonderful efforts in the wide world of work. Job well done, girls!

Andrea Pinnock
Careers Adviser



In Week 5 at lunchtime, come and celebrate Book Week in the Secondary Library. We have lots of entertaining activities and plenty of opportunities to win prizes.

Tuesday – Fishing
Wednesday – Treasure Hunt
Thursday – Maze Runner
Friday – Make a Bookmark

Tamsin Hughes
Secondary Library



Secondary Inter-House Athletics Carnival

Place House Points
1st Langley 896 points
2nd Christian 885 points
3rd Barton 837 points
4th Beck 800 points
5th Badham 749 points
6th Docker 741 points



Congratulations to all teams for their debates against Queenwood on Tuesday and to Years 7A, 8A, 8B, 10 and the Seniors who won their debates. This was the last round of the season, and we now wait to find out which teams have made tie-breakers and quarter-finals. Tie-breakers will be next week, and quarter-finals the week after.

Imogen Harper
Debating Co-ordinator



Legacy Junior Speaking Award
SCEGGS hosted the Metropolitan round of the Legacy Junior Speaking Award on Monday 13 August. Charlotte FitzSimons (Year 8) and Ishara Verdickt (Year 7) were our representatives.

Seventeen talented speakers from local schools shared their views on a range of interesting subjects from Australian Sporting Culture to The Illusion of Choice. The biggest challenge for the speakers was grappling with the impromptu topic A Fresh Start, luckily this made the adjudicator’s job a little easier. She chose four speakers to proceed to the Regional Final to be held Thursday 6 September. Charlotte, who was speaking in her first competition narrowly missed a place while Ishara was selected for the next round.

Sandra Carter
Public Speaking Co-ordinator



HSC Drama Showcase
Our HSC Drama students will be presenting their Group and Individual Performances at a Showcase Evening next Wednesday 22 August at 5.30pm.

Design, Critical Analysis and Video Projects will also be on display.

The first section of the program before interval is restricted to people over the age of 15. Children under 15 will not be admitted as it contains strong content, explicit sexual references, offensive language and material which may be disturbing to some viewers.

The second section of the program (starting at 6.30pm) is open to all students.

Design, Critical Analysis and Video Projects will also be on display.

When: Wednesday 22 August at 5.30pm. Where: St Peter's Playhouse

There was a misprint in the announcement of the cast in last week’s BTGG. Here is the correct SCEGGS cast list for Metamorphoses: Mia Freeland, Bonnie Harrington, Jana Hollo, Marie Karantanis, Georgina Harley-Macdonald, Hannah Mavrakis, Phoebe Masnick, Ella McGrath and Teya Phillips.

Inga Scarlett
Head of Drama



In June this year, students from Years 7-10 sat for the International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) Science Test.

This test assesses student ability to observe, measure, interpret, investigate, predict, solve problems and make conclusions based on scientific stimulus material.

From the 398 students who sat the test in Years 7-10:

  • 10 achieved High Distinctions
  • 39 achieved Distinctions
  • 122 achieved Credits

Particularly pleasing was the increased number of students achieving a High Distinction. Year 7 were a standout Year, with 5 students achieving High Distinctions and 18 Distinction Awards.

The following students should be congratulated on achieving High Distinction or Distinction Awards.

Year 7
High Distinctions
Harriet Darnell
Laura Davies
Samara Foulds
Leilani Howitt
Helena Piazza

Kate Ambrogio
Lydia Bodsworth
Milla Brown
Annie Furness
Eva Harris
Alexandra Kuo
Coco Lavigne
Georgia McCormack
Scarlett Moir
Sienna Monahan
Grace Morrow
Susanna Nagib
Leyla Ozen
Mietta Paipetis
Luella Smith
Ishara Verdickt
Katherine Wardlaw
Sophia Wood

Year 8
High Distinctions
Ella Hackman
Emily Michel
Emily Wu

Maya Barnett
Kate Brenner
Olivia Chu
Charlotte Fitzsimons
Clementine Hooper
Laura Lowe
Ella Walters-Adams
Mary Williams

Year 9
High Distinctions
Emma Kirkland
Jessalyn Xia

Amelia Kuit-Troy
Ruby Parr
Emma Powell
Alice Wong

Year 10
Zoe Crowley-Burrows
Kyra Gilhotra
Jaymie Grundy
Aneka Henshaw
Annabelle Koinis
Sophie Kuijper
Zara Rubinsztein
Sylvie Stannage
Stella Walker

Luke Hanson
Head of Science



Term III - Week 4

With the Year 12 show on soon the drawings and photographs by Year 12 will be highlighted as Drawing and Photograph of the Week until their show opens 29 August.

Photograph of the Week

180816 Phoebe McKenzie Hutton

Phoebe McKenzie-Hutton
Year 12

Drawing of the Week

180816 Elizabeth Sulich

Elisabeth Sulich
Year 12



Charlotte FitzSimons (Year 8) was awarded 1st place in the Under 15 section of the NSW State Band Solo and Party Championship. She also competed in the Under 19 category and was awarded 3rd place. For both performances, Charlotte played the 1st movement from the Trumpet Concerto by Neruda. Well done, Charlotte!

Join an ensemble!
Calling on all students who would like to participate in an ensemble this semester! Now is the time to come and take part in some wonderful music making! Don’t delay – come and be part of the fun!

HSC Encore Concert
5.30pm-7.30pm, Monday 3 September
An evening of celebratory performances and compositions from 2018 Music 1 and Music 2 HSC musicians, including solo and ensemble items. Supper will be served. All members of the SCEGGS community are welcome to attend. Elective students and their families would find the performances particularly interesting.

Venue: SCEGGS Great Hall
Admission: Free

Pauline Chow
Acting Head of Music



Secondary Sport

Athletics Carnival
Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Secondary Athletics Carnival on 1 August at the Olympic Warm Up Arena. Some terrific House spirit was on display and the following is a list of the various Champions on the day. Three new records were also created. Congratulations to all these girls.

200m Champions
Mietta Paipetis (Christian)

Dominique Liew (Barton)

Nina Schoff (Badham)

Age Champions
12 years Age Champion
Mietta Paipetis (Christian)

13 years Age Champion
Alia Levi (Barton)

=14 years Age Champion
Lilli Krawitz (Christian)
Emily Michel (Barton)

15 years Age Champion
Laura Roderick (Beck)

16 years Age Champion
Tia Khan (Docker)

17 years Age Champion
Andrea Conomos (Barton)

18 years Age Champion
Oonagh Bolton (Langley)

All Over Champions
Junior Champion
Alia Levi (Barton)

Intermediate Champion
Laura Roderick (Beck)

Senior Champion
Andrea Conomos (Barton)

New Records
Andrea Conomos (Barton)
Senior Discus - New Record: 36.68 m
Old Record: 27.22 m (2004)

Carys Batho (Langley)
Senior Shot Put - New Record: 11.73 m
Old Record: 10.55 m (2013)

Alia Levi (Langley)
Junior Shot Put - New Record: 9.70 m
Old Record: 9.53 m (2010)

Congratulations to the winning House: LANGLEY

Click here to view the overall points score


Alison Gowan
Director of Sport

Primary Sport

Saturday IPSHA Sport
A reminder that all SCEGGS IPSHA teams in Netball and Touch have a bye this weekend. Games will continue on Saturday 25 August. Thank you to parents for ensuring your daughter is at her game 30 mins before the start for pre-match warm up and team organisation.

180816 Primary Sport

IPSHA Basketball and Year 3 Soccer Trials
Trials for Years 4-6 IPSHA Basketball and Year 3 Soccer will be held in Week 10, on Tuesday 25 September at Moore Park, Robertson Road. The girls will catch the bus from school and can be picked up at the field at 4.50pm or may return to school by bus arriving outside the Sports Hall at approximately 5.20pm.

Level 1-4 IPSHA (Primary) Artistic Gymnastics Trials
The IPSHA Trials will be held on Monday 27 August, in the SCEGGS Sports Hall, during the normal afternoon session from 3:15pm-6:00pm. Any SCEGGS Darlinghurst girl who is in a competitive programme in Years 3-6 is able to trial for selection. Please contact Sue Phillips if you have any queries.

Sue Phillips
Primary Sport and PDHPE Co-ordinator



Year 10 Parent Drinks Evening

Friday 17 August, 7.00pm-9.00pm
at the home of Edwina & Michael Stratton,
179 Darley Road, Randwick
$55 pp includes drinks and canapes
Payment via trybooking:


Year 11 Parent Drinks

Please come along and join us for casual evening. Enjoy catching up with fellow Year 11 parents over a drink & a bite to eat.
Date: Thursday 6 September
Time: From 7.00pm
Venue: The Bellevue Hotel, Paddington
Location: Up the stairs to the 1st Floor – The Terrace (this area is covered)
Address: 159 Hargrave Street, Paddington
RSVP: By Friday 31 August to or 0407 109 760
We need to know numbers so the venue can have enough staff available
Cost: There is no upfront charge
The bar adjoining the terrace area will be open for you to purchase your own drinks & bar food


Year 7 Mother Daughter Cooking Afternoon

at Our Big Kitchen
Our Big Kitchen is community kitchen in the heart of Bondi. OBK inspires individuals to come together to help people in need. Last year over 80 000 meals were made and distributed to disadvantaged Australians.
Come and join us to prepare meals which will be distributed that weekend to people in need.

Date: Sunday 9 September, from 1.30pm to 4.00pm
Venue: 36 Flood St Bondi 2026
Cost: $50 for Mother and daughter, or $25 per person
Dress code: wear closed shoes, covered shoulders and long pants


Year 5 Parent Drinks

Please join us at the Village Inn
9 Glenmore Rd, Paddington
$40 per head for Canapes
(Pay as you go drinks)
Friday 14 September, 7.00pm-11.00pm
RSVP & pay by Friday 7 Sept @