Farewell Year 12, 2017

The School Community wishes Year 12 all the best in their forthcoming examinations. We say goodbye with sadness, but look forward to seeing you visit us as our newest Old Girls!
Best wishes to each of you for a happy and fulfilling life beyond SCEGGS.

170921 Year 12



The International Competitions and Assessment for Schools - English is Australia-wide and Global and is administered annually by The University of New South Wales.

Of the 389 girls in Years 7-10 who sat the English competition in 2017, 14 received High Distinction Awards (the top 1% of participants), 61 Distinction Awards (the next 10%), 104 Credit Awards (the next 25%) and 39 Merit Awards (the next 10%).

Congratulations to those girls who achieved High Distinctions and Distinctions:

High Distinction
Year 7: Coco Ford, Ella Hackman, Laura Lowe, Anoushka Shah, Mary Williams and Emily Wu
Year 8: Charlotte Newton and Claudia Hunt
Year 9: Zoe Crowley-Burrows, Phoebe Masnick and Bella-Blu Salier
Year 10: Niamh Brazil, Sabrina Liu and Thareni Parameswaran

Year 7: Polly Allchin, Sienna Best, Audrey Bray, Clare Crawford, Olivia Dennison, Charlotte Fitzsimons, Alice Harper, Julia Inglis, Lucy Juneja, Lilli Krawitz, India Poiner, Annabelle Tremain, Ella Walters-Adams and Kiara Wijesinghe
Year 8: Cassidy Cogin, Felicity Dayhew, Astrid Girdis, Marie Karantanis, Hannah Keir, Emma Kirkland, Mia MacCormack, Gretel Payne, Laura Roderick, Alice Santow, Olivia Slater, Emily Weaver and Jessalyn Xia
Year 9: Rosie Adams, Naina Bhonagiri, Alexia Gilbert, Aneka Henshaw, Sophie Hilton, Sophia Hruby, Sophie Kuijper, Ava Liu, Lauren Miller, Uma Rogers, Sylvie Stannage, Zara Rubinsztein, Eliza Wachholz, Stella Walker and Nathalie Wilder
Year 10: Grace Apted, Zoe Biggs, Jessica Cassimaty, Genevieve Cox, Millicent Gerstle, Charlotte Grbin, Elodie Jakes, Scarlett Jamieson, Hannah Jones, Chloe Kneebone, Madeleine Kowalenko, Jacqueline Lee, Margot Lee, Olivia Lee, Cindy Purvis, Lilah Shapiro, Zoe Spencer, Adrienne Thackway and Roxy Young

Well done to all.

Marilyn Pretorius
Head of English



Across the school 576 students sat the ICAS Mathematics examination. In Years 7-10 we received:

  • 6 High Distinctions
  • 51 Distinctions

High Distinction
Year 7: Ella Hackman and Emily Wu
Year 8: Emma Powell and Jessalyn Xia
Year 10: Sabrina Liu and Cindy Purvis

Year 7: Kate Brenner, Olivia Chu, Charlotte Fitzsimons, Clementine Hooper, Gabriella Ibrahim, Julia Inglis, Inca Levinson, India Poiner and Mary Williams
Year 8: Clementine Gleeson-Cook, Lily Helene, Claudia Holmes, Claudia Hunt, Emma Kirkland, Bianca Vernier and Emily Weaver
Year 9: Kristina Comino, Zoe Crowley-Burrows, Nicola Fyfe, Kyra Gilhotra, Jaymie Grundy, Aneka Henshaw, Sophie Hilton, Katarina Kuo, Isabella Maraldo, Kira Patel, Elizabeth Robson, Sylvie Stannage, Sofala Vogt and Nathalie Wilder
Year 10: Grace Apted, Zoe Biggs, Niamh Brazil, Eliza Chew, Emmanuelle Dunn Lewis, Sascha Everingham, Louise Godhard, Scarlet Gray, Harriet Harper, Scarlett Jamieson, Hannah Jones, Olivia Kibble, Chloe Kneebone, Olivia Lee, Teya Phillips, Charlotte Robinson, Greta Schaffer, Madeleine Scott, Zoe Spencer, Adrienne Thackway and Christine Wong

Scott Lankshear
Head of Mathematics



Junior Inter-House Debating

1st Christian 695 points
2nd Beck 689 points
3rd Barton 685 points
4th Langley 684 points
5th Docker 682 points
6th Badham 451 points


Inter-House Debating Combined Totals

1st Christian 1390 points
2nd Barton 1372 points
3rd Beck 1371 points
4th Docker 1370 points
5th Langley 1365 points
6th Badham 1131 points




Year 12 Class of 2017 have been proactive in the fight against MS joining the Kiss Goodbye to MS City2Surf team on Sunday 13 August. With the help of the SCEGGS Community they have raised $7,792 (and counting).

So impressive was their effort that an article appeared about them on the MS Research Australia website. Follow the link to read the article.

Thank you from the Year 12 Class of 2017, together we will beat MS...

Laura Connolly
Year 12 Co-ordinator




170824 ChicagoOur performances of Chicago take place in November at the Seymour Centre.

Opening night will be Wednesday 22 November, with performances on Friday 24 November and Saturday 25 November.

All performances start at 7.00pm.

Tickets will be on sale from Thursday 12 October through the Seymour Centre:

Adults:$35, Concessions:$30

Join us for an evening of song, dance, high drama and all that jazz!

Inga Scarlett
Head of Drama



Term III - Week 10

170921 Stephanie Prevedoros

Stephanie Prevedoros
Year 11


Primary Piano students for their confidently presented performances at the recent concert in the SCEGGS Great Hall. It is clear that students have spent a good deal of time to polish their pieces. How special to be able to share their work on the Steinway grand. Thanks to our hardworking team of piano tutors, co-ordinated by Ms Jones: Ms Lisa Adamik, Ms Ellie Cumming, Ms Natalia Deasy, Ms Belinda McGlynn and Ms Therese Watson.

Flute students of Ms Kellie Grennan who shared performances in a recent lunchtime concert. Some beautiful tone developing and wonderful pieces being presented. Thanks to Ms Jones for accompanying girls. Delighted to see so many schools friends attending to support their ‘buddies’.

Vocal students of Ms Jessica O’Donoghue for songs shared at the afternoon Soiree. Each girl presenting two well-prepared pieces for an appreciative audience. Gratifying to hear the growth in vocal development from girls who regularly enjoy these opportunities for solo performance. Thanks to Ms Jones for accompanying girls. Wishing Ms O’Donoghue well as she takes maternity leave.

Flute students of Ms Lucie Benz for successfully completing AMEB Examinations – girls should feel pleased with their undertakings:

Emilie Chick, Year 6, Grade 1
Alice Harper, Year 7, Grade 3
Eliza Wenham, Year 8, Grade 4
Abigail Johnstone, Year 9, Grade 4
Nathalie Wilder, Year 9, Grade 6
Elizabeth Armour, Year 10, Grade 6
Jessica Cassimaty, Year 10, Grade 6
Mia Bodycomb, Year 11, Grade 7

Soirees and Lunchtime Concerts provide a wonderful opportunity for girls to perform for family and friends. Programs from these concerts can be viewed in Cognito.

Twilight Concerts 1 and 2 – Term IV – Advanced notice
We are delighted to be holding two Twilight concerts in Term IV. Members of the Primary and Secondary Co-curricular Ensembles will present varied programs celebrating their year’s work.

The following groups will perform:
Thursday 19 October
Bugles’ Band, Clarion Concert Band, Holst Wind Ensemble, Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble, Rock Bands, Secondary Percussion Ensembles and Year 5 Percussion Ensemble.

Friday 20 October
All Primary and Secondary String Ensembles.

Felicia Chadwick
Head of Music



Primary Sport

Artistic Gymnastics
On Sunday 17 September, 15 primary students competed at the Level 3 NSW State Championships Qualifying Competition, and all of the gymnasts have qualified for NSW State Championships in October.

Congratulations to the following girls:

Bondi Barlow
Ella Bishop
Remy Chapple
Claudia Cheetham
Alexandra Del-Ben
Gagara Farrawell
Poppy Hegarty
Sarah James
Scarlett Moir
Simran Murphy
Emilia Narev
Abigail Sauer
Ingrid Weaver
Harriet White
Lucy Worsley

Multi Sports Day

170921 Coco Espie
Coco Espie, in Year 3, took part in a Multi Sports Day held at Shore school. Students from many independent schools took part in a day of fun activities, including modified Athletics, Netball and Hockey games. We would like to thank all the Shore personnel who put in so much time and effort to ensure the day ran smoothly.

Term IV Co-curricular Sport
All Primary co-curricular sport commences on the first day back next term. This includes Years K-2 swimming on Monday afternoon and Years 3-6 Swimming on Thursday afternoon. All IPSHA Basketball and Year 3 Football training will start on Tuesday 10 October.

Sue Phillips
Primary Sport and PDHPE Co-ordinator



Year 3 – End of Year Celebration Drinks

Friday 3 November, 6.30pm-10.30pm
Private Home in Centennial Park
Invitation to come