“There is a reason we were given two ears and one mouth..."

Whatever the age of your daughter, keeping the lines of communication open is so important. Whether you have a quiet and shy child, an outgoing pre-teen or a moody teenager who is monosyllabic at best, here are some ideas to help.

Firstly, three tips:

Tip #1:               
Be curious... about her life, her opinions, her ideas.
  Tip #2:    Don’t push it. If the time isn’t right and she doesn’t want to chat or tell you what’s worrying her, let it be...

  Tip #3: Let her know you are always there to listen. That you care about her, that you are easy going and accepting, that you won’t be judgemental...

Keep trying to find the right sort of questions which will encourage your daughter to talk. It might be music or sport, or something else she is particularly passionate about. And do persevere... but gently. She will see that you are open to talk, that you care, that you are interested, even if it doesn’t prompt a deep conversation at the time. You will get there!

Don’t ask closed questions – where the answer is can be given in one or two words. Don’t ask probing questions – it shouldn’t feel like an inquisition. Ask curious questions – about what she thinks, what she feels, what she is worried about. The aim is to get to know your daughter better – and to show you are interested in her, her life, and her views on the world.

You might try to schedule specific times you could start a conversation – over the dinner table, Sunday morning breakfast, or Friday night movies and pizzas. Regular, predictable and comfortable family routines encourage good conversations. But it doesn’t really matter how you start a conversation – what topic you choose. Be alive to what is happening around you, and what your daughter is interested in, thinking, or doing.

Now sometimes it is really tempting to tell her all about what you think! The moment she tells you about a problem or issue she is worried about, you know what she should do. (And of course, you are probably right – you are so much more experienced than her). Trying to resist the urge to solve her problems, to be bombastic or opinionated, but gently encouraging her to find the solution to problems herself, to work out for herself what she thinks ir right or important – it is a far better process in the long-run.

Learn to be quiet! I started by noting that we have two ears and one mouth. Listen more than you talk. Be comfortable with silence. It might take her time to process what she is feeling or wants to say. It might be taking her time to build courage to say something. Or she might be just thinking... Give her the time and space to think, and, just maybe, she might talk.

If you try to start a conversation, and she isn’t responsive, don’t push it. Just shrug and walk away, or drop the subject, or go back to something else you were doing. The time has to be right for her. Don’t push it – if she isn’t ready, let it go. End with something like “I am always ready to listen, when you are ready to talk something over...? Remember – I am always on your side... I always have your back.

The most important thing you can do is to tell her, with genuine love, softness and deep caring in your tone, that you love her. Every child needs to know that they are loved – even when their behaviour is not at all lovable. She needs to know that you love her, even when her behaviour is bad, even when she knows herself that she is being unreasonable and difficult. Smile at her and tell her you love her, write her a card or send a text, find lots of different ways to tell her you love her. Let her know that you are always there to talk or help if she needs it – that you will always be there for her, that you “have her back”.

Find every opportunity to notice good behaviour – and praise her explicitly for it so that she knows you know! Be as specific as possible. “I noticed the way you particularly got ready tonight for school tomorrow – with your bag packed up and ready to go. That is so good! I really admire your commitment to start the day well by being prepared the night before. I am so proud of you for doing that without being asked!”

If you ask a question to which the answer is either yes or no, you will probably just get that – and not a lot else. Practise asking questions like: “What do you think about...?” Or “Why do you think she did that...?” Or “How does that make you feel?” Or “What would you do differently next time?”

None of the advice above (or any other strategy you try) is going to make your communication with your daughter always constructive and friendly. But it might help, in some small ways. And remember – it will get easier, over time. I know this will be the case, without a doubt, even if it doesn’t feel like this is possible, right now. So hang in there!


Jenny Allum
Head of School


The upcoming information sessions are important and parents and carers are encouraged to attend.

Parent Information
Parents will hear from their daughters’ teachers about aspects of the classroom programs, activities planned for the year and ways parents can assist their daughters at home.

Year 11: Monday 18 February
Year 7: Thursday 21 February (with guest speaker Paul Dillon)
Year 10: Tuesday 26 February
Year 8: Monday 4 March
Years K-3: Monday 17 June (with guest speaker Paul Dillon)

All sessions will be held in the Lecture Theatre beginning at 7.00pm.

Parent-Teacher Afternoons

Parent-Teacher Interviews for Primary classes will take place during Weeks 5, 6 and 7 in Term I. Teachers will organise interview times directly with parents.

Term I

Year 12: Monday 11 March
Year 9: Wednesday 27 March
Year 7: Monday 8 April

Term II
Year 10: Thursday 2 May
Year 8: Wednesday 8 May
Year 11: Tuesday 14 May
Secondary sessions will take place in the JFSATC from 3.30pm.



Days for Girls (DfG) is a global movement that prepares and distributes sustainable menstrual care solutions (such as washable, reusable pads) to girls in need who would otherwise miss school during their monthly periods. SCEGGS students will meet, sew and assemble the DfG Kits, focusing on either complete DfG Kits or specific components on Tuesdays during lunch. 51 girls recently expressed interest in joining this new group!


We are seeking the donation of 4 working sewing machines that can be used for this group. Should you be able to assist please contact me or Sue

Rather than purchasing new machines, reusing pre-loved machines is more sustainable!


Margaret Nilon
Social Justice Co-ordinator


We would like to invite all teachers and students to visit the Library at lunch time during Week 5 for our Gagdet Week.

19 2 14 Library


Ewa Stepasiuk
Audio Visual Manager



Years 3 – 6 Swimming Carnival

Date: Wednesday 27 February
Time: 9.15am-2.30pm
Venue: Drummoyne Swim Centre (Henley Marine Drive, Drummoyne)

Parents, grandparents and friends are invited to attend our annual Swimming Carnival and support the girls and their Houses.

Girls must be at school by 8.15am, as usual, on the day of the Carnival. Hired buses will leave SCEGGS at 8.30am. Girls will also return to school by hired bus, and the school day will conclude at the usual time.

Regarding co-curricular activities on the day, the Sinfonietta rehearsal will take place before school as usual while Netball Skills has been cancelled. After school, Hockey Skills is cancelled but Gymnastics will continue as usual for those girls who would like to attend. After School Care will operate as normal.

Parents may take their daughters directly to the pool in the morning and/or take them home from the pool in the afternoon if they wish, but Class Teachers must receive written notice of this before 26 February. Girls will not be given permission to go home with parents of friends unless written permission is received. Girls will not be given permission to leave the pool with parents before the conclusion of the Carnival.

Girls may come to school in PE uniform and, if necessary, will be given time to change into swimming costumes at school. PE uniform must be worn correctly to and from school, but at the carnival the girls may wear decorated hats, coloured socks, t-shirts etc. in House colours.

The pool at Drummoyne Swim Centre is an outdoor pool, and charges spectators an admission fee.

While there is ample undercover seating for girls and their families, girls must wear t-shirts and sun hats throughout the day when not swimming, and are expected to bring and apply sunscreen during the day. Girls may wear rash suits when swimming if they wish. Canteen facilities will be available for parents, but girls do not have permission to use the canteen themselves. We ask that the girls bring with them enough food and drink for the day.

In the case of bad weather and the need to cancel the carnival, a decision will be made by 7.30 am. Please check SCEGGS Sport Twitter feed, or telephone the school.

We are all looking forward to a wonderful day and hope to see you there.

 Elizabeth Cumming
Head of Primary School



The Trust warmly welcomes all parents new to SCEGGS in 2019 to join them at the New Parent Dinner on Thursday 21 March.

Hosted by the SCEGGS Trust, the New Parent Dinner is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the wider SCEGGS community, meet other new parents, as well as SCEGGS staff and members of the School Board, Trust Board, P&F and Old Girls’ Union.

Invitations were sent to all new parents with RSVP details at the start of the week, however, if you would like more information please contact me on 9052 2592 or

The Trust very much looks forward to a wonderful evening and formally welcoming all our new SCEGGS parents into the community!

Daisy Bahen
Director of Development



The good ship Drama has launched ... and we’ve set sail for some terrific experiences throughout the year. We welcome you aboard at any time, at one of the many ports we’ll be stopping at. Here are the updates:

A Chorus Line
Rehearsals commenced on Sunday with a very keen cast assembled to begin a creative journey that will stay with them forever. I guarantee that all readers will recall their time in School productions with the fondest of memories, terrific mirth and life-skills which you have carried since. Participation in Drama and musical productions provides precious learning and growth of the individual. It is always a surprise what we take away from a production experience; entering another world, adopting another character for a period and collaborating with like minds. What will A Chorus Line teach our young actors? The journey has begun!

Did you know .... A Chorus Line began life with a series of interviews conducted by the legendary Director/Choreographer, Michael Bennett. Bennett wanted to re-invent the musical form and did so by grounding the work in elements of Verbatim theatre. Much of the dialogue is taken from these interviews with Dancers, recalling their life experiences and what is “they did for love”.

A Chorus Line plays June 13 – 15.

St Peter's Players

Many girls have signed on for our Co-curricular program St Peter’s Players. The Co-curricular fair last Friday gathered much enthusiasm and registration of desire to participate.

No doubt, home schedules need to be checked by families before confirmation of participation. Could I please request that you discuss the program with your daughters, if they have expressed a wish to join the players – and if involvement is not possible, could you please email me at school.
Year 6 parents should have received a letter via their daughter, if they had registered an interest in the Monday afternoon session.

St Peter’s Players commenced on Monday. This semester’s tutors are:

Monday 3:15-4:45 – Year 6 "Stagecraft and Storytelling" – Ms Justine Wolman
Tuesday 3:15-4:45 – Years 8-9 "Script Navigation and Acting" – Ms Airlie Dodds
Thursday 3:15-4:45 – Years 10-11 "Theatresports" – Ms Juliet Timmerman (please note this class will be conducted by Mr Theo Murray on 14/2 and 21/2)
Thursday 3:15-4:45 – Year 7 "Playbuilding" – Ms Justine Wolman

We will accept new members up to week 5 and request regular attendance during semester one.

House Drama

Houses are abuzz with preparations for the House Drama Festival on Tuesday 5 March.
An eclectic selection of works has been submitted and we look forward to observing tales of wizardry with Harry Potter, take to the skies with Amelia Earhart, put on a cardigan to visit The Snow Queen, tread carefully around The Little Prince, exercise caution around The Fantastic Mr Fox and also go, to where the Wild Things are!

House Captains and Production teams are meeting regularly and look very assured in their creative journeys. I’m very much looking forward to their theatrical offerings.

As always, should you have any queries about any of our Drama programs, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you throughout the year – on ship or in port!

Peter Eyers
Head of Good Ship Drama





Assembly Performance – Well done to the Year 10 Rock group “Second Nature” with their performance of “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green. The members of “Second Nature” are Lily Barker (vocal), Clementine Gleeson-Cook (guitar and back-up vocal), Stella Gray (drummer) and Miranda Woodcroft (keyboard).

We welcome any students who would like to make a similar contribution for future assemblies. Please come and speak to any of the Music staff for further information.

2019 SCEGGS Music Eisteddfod
As announced in Assembly, the forms for the 2019 SCEGGS Music Eisteddfod are available to all students, either from the Music Department or through Cognito. Students who are currently learning an instrument (including voice) either through the school’s tuition program or externally are invited to participate. Entry in the Eisteddfod is free and piano accompaniment can be provided if students bring the appropriate music.

All Elective Music students are preparing for participation and will rehearse with their accompanist as part of the classroom program.

It is not possible for other students to rehearse prior to the Eisteddfod.

Instrumental and Vocal Heats for Primary and Secondary students will be timetabled during school time in Weeks 7 & 8 (11 – 20 March).

Rock Heats (for established Rock Groups or individuals supported by their teacher/tutor) will be scheduled at lunch time or after school according to number of applications. Girls should read the special requirements on the Rock Eisteddfod Application Form before organising their group. These heats are open to audience of family and friends.

Vocal Heats: Wran Prize for Up and Coming Vocalist
Vocalists from the Primary and Secondary school are eligible for this award, which will be made in association with participation in the forthcoming SCEGGS Eisteddfod. The vocal section is judged separately with outstanding performers selected to compete for the award at the Eisteddfod Highlights Concert. Accompaniment will be provided (special conditions apply).

Entries for the Eisteddfod close on Friday 22 February.

Beyond the Curriculum Music Award
The Margot Anthony (Budd) Beyond the Curriculum Music Award is awarded annually for up to two Elective Music students in Years 8 to 11. The Award is to be used by the student to support their continued involvement in musical activities, which serve to facilitate the development of their musical potential.

Information and Application Forms are available on Cognito and should be submitted to the Head of School by Friday 8 March.

The Award will be announced and presented at the SCEGGS Eisteddfod Highlights Concert, on Friday 22 March.

SCEGGS Practice Challenge – this is an initiative to inspire Music students to start good practice habits for the year! Please speak to your instrumental tutor or the Music Department for the information to get you underway to achieving your practice goal.

Music Ensemble Rehearsals
Rehearsals for your ensembles have commenced.
Please be prompt to rehearsal and if for whatever reason you cannot attend your rehearsal, please do the courtesy of letting your conductor or Mr Jewitt know ahead of time.

Beginners Band
This year a Beginners Band will be starting for Primary students who have just commenced learning a band instrument. If you have just started (or would like to start) a band instrument and be a part of this group, then please contact Ms Ryan

Learning a Band Instrument
If you are in Years 3-6 and would like to learn a band instrument (trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, French horn, saxophone, bassoon, clarinet, oboe, flute or percussion), please register your interest with Ms Ryan or complete a tuition request form which can be found at Cognito>Co-curricular Music>Tuition.

Upcoming events
NESA Encore Concert – Monday 18 February 7pm – Sydney Opera House (Year 11 and 12 Music 1 and Music 2/Ext students only)

B’tutta Incursion – Year 7 music classes only. Thursday 28 February SCEGGS Great Hall.

Pauline Chow
Head of Music

Secondary Sports

Congratulations to Gretel Payne in Year 10 who has achieved some wonderful results in sailing over the summer holidays. Gretel competed in Tasmania over a two week period. She and her skipper placed 18th overall in the 420 Australian Nationals and were also awarded for placing 3rd junior (U16) in that regatta. They then competed in the 420 Australian Youth Nationals (10-14 Jan) and placed 16th overall and 2nd girls. We wish Gretel the best of luck as she aims to compete at the World Championships in Portugal later this year.

Secondary Interhouse Swimming, Wednesday 5 February 2019, Trophy and Records list

Secondary Interhouse Swimming Results




  12 yrs Champion   Claudia Quinn   Beck
  13 yrs Champion   Mia Costa   Docker
  14 yrs Champion   Sophie Forward   Docker
  15 yrs Champion   Sienna Green   Badham
  16 yrs Champion   Jaime Gordon   Barton
  17 yrs Champion   Camilla Mackay   Badham
  18 yrs Champion   Alice Miller   Docker
  Junior Championship 100m   Sophie Forward   Docker
  Inter Championship 100m   Ella Moffat   Barton
  Senior Championship 100m   Alice Miller   Docker
   50m Freestyle Champion   Alice Miller   Docker
  Junior Overall Champion   Sophie Forward   Docker
  Inter Overall Champion   Jaime Gordon   Barton
  Senior Overall Champion   Alice Miller   Docker
  Open School Champion   Alice Miller   Docker


Overall Pointscore

Participation Points


Contribution Points


Total Points

  1   Barton   255   398   653
  2   Badham   240   354   594
  3   Docker   252   341   593
  4    Beck    230    244    474
  5   Christian   210   234   444
  6    Langley    208    231    439
Champion House

  19 2 14 Barton


Alison Gowan
Director of Sport


Primary Sports

IPSHA Football 4-6
All Saturday games will commence this week. Your daughter should have received a draw with team list, game times and venues. If you misplace the draw, please check on Cognito. All girls should arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the game to ensure they are adequately warmed up. Please ensure your daughter has shin pads and a water bottle for all training sessions and games. Football boots are not compulsory, although may be worn. Playing in peaked caps is not permitted for safety reasons. There is very little shade at most venues. Please ensure your daughter is wearing sunscreen.

19 2 14 Year 4 Football
Year 4 Football

19 2 14 Year 6 Football

Year 6 Football

Year 3 Basketball
All Saturday games will commence this week. Your daughter should have received a draw with team list and game times. All games will be played at SCEGGS. If you misplace the draw, please check on Cognito. All girls should arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the game to ensure the team is adequately warmed up.

Primary Swimming Carnival Years 3-6
The Primary swimming carnival will be held on Wednesday 27 February at the Drummoyne Swimming Centre, starting at 9.15am. Every girl will be included in the Carnival Program and will need a cap, goggles and SCEGGS swimming costume.


Sue Phillips
Primary PDHPE & Sport Co-ordinator



Class Parent Briefing
A reminder that the annual Class Parent Briefing will be held this this evening, Thursday 14 February in the Joan Freeman Lecture Theatre. There will be drinks and nibbles from 6.30pm, for a 7.00pm start. We hope as many Class Parents as possible can attend so that the P&F Committee can brief Class Parents about the busy and exciting year ahead, making suggestions about how to organise events, suggested locations, procedures etc. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and to meet your other Class Parents.

Please email by 4.00pm to RSVP.

Years 9 & 10 "Father"/Daughter breakfast
Don’t forget the Years 9 and 10 "Father"/Daughter breakfast tomorrow, Friday 15 February at 7.00am in the Great Hall. What an adventurer our guest speaker is! Sunrise at Machu Picchu, safaris in South Africa and cupcakes in New York are simply part of the gig for Lisa Feltman (PERKOVIC, 2005), who works as the Senior Global Editor of Expedia Group. Graduating from the University of Sydney with a media and communications degree, Lisa hustled hard, taking on unpaid internships at magazines and newspapers as well as a kids party photographer gig to pursue her dream of a freelance travel writer. After being discovered on LinkedIn by Expedia, Lisa is living the dream. Her job takes her global, spending time immersed in the food, culture and people of countries around the world. Despite the sparkle, Lisa’s journey has not been without its challenges. However she now seems to have struck the ideal balance of earning a steady income while having the flexibility to travel. The cost is $30 per person and you can book here.

Welcome Cocktail Party
Finally, don’t forget the 2019 Welcome Cocktail Party on Friday 22 February from 6.00pm - 8.00pm on the Joan Freeman Terrace. All parents, friends and staff are invited to attend and it is always a happy evening and an excellent opportunity to meet your SCEGGS Community. Ticket price is $50 per person.Please book here.

P & F Events

Thursday 14 February                   
Lecture Theatre
6.00pm P&F Committee Meeting
6.30pm P&F General Meeting with Class Parents
Friday 15 February Years 9 and 10 'Father'/Daughter Breakfast
7.00am SCEGGS Great Hall
Friday 22 February P&F Cocktail Party
6.00pm JFSATC Rooftop Terrace
Tuesday 12 March Festival on Forbes Meeting
6.00pm Lecture Theatre
7.30pm AGM P&F Association Term I Meeting - all welcome
Sunday 17 March Year 3 Class Parent Welcome Event
3.00pm-6.00pm Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club, 160 Wolseley Rd
Price per head Adults $40, Children $20 (all catering provided)


 Penny Gerstle
President P&F