Old Girls' Survey
Recently, we conducted a survey of some of our younger Old Girls – young women from the Classes 2011-2014. pdfFind out what they thought...!


We have been working closely with Mr Paul Dillon from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia, again this year to strengthen our parent information programs around safe socialising and healthy boundaries. Mr Dillon is a national expert in alcohol and other drug education. To develop our work further still, we have engaged Mr Dillon and his team to design a student survey and a parent survey that examine attitudes to, and experiences of, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. Students will complete this survey during Form time next week after I speak with them at Assembly on Monday about the nature of the survey. These surveys are anonymous and the data will be collected and analysed by Mr Dillon and his team who will report to us the findings in a way that we expect will help us to further tailor and improve our education for students and support for parents in these areas.

Jenny Allum
Head of School



We are very sorry to see Mrs Sue Humphrey leave us at the end of this year after six years managing our School Shop. We will miss her!

Do you know someone who might be interested in managing our School Shop for 2018 and beyond? Please see the advertisement for this position in the Employment Section of our Website:



Years K-2 Concert: Gifts For A Baby
This year’s Years K-2 Concert is to be held in SCEGGS Great Hall at 2.00pm on Friday 24 November. This year’s concert is a Nativity play, telling the story of the journey of the Three Wise Men bearing gifts for the baby Jesus. The girls are greatly enjoying their rehearsals, practising the skills they have learnt in both Music and Drama lessons over the year.

Parents, grandparents and special friends are invited to join us at the concert. While seating will be available, we also encourage guests to bring with them rugs and cushions should they wish to sit on the floor in an area closer to the stage.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Elizabeth Cumming
Head of Primary School



171026 CHICAGO

Just one more week to go until "When You're Good to Mama", “Razzle Dazzle” and of course “All that Jazz” are the songs on everyone’s lips!

It’s Chicago at the Seymour Centre next Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

With over 1,000 tickets sold, there are still good seats available – but be quick!

Tickets are on sale through the Seymour Centre:

Adults: $35, Concessions:$30.

Three performances:

Wednesday 22 November
Friday 24 November
Saturday 25 November

Note - all performances start at 7.00pm.

Inga Scarlett
Head of Drama



Congratulations to the Year 10 History Debating team who participated in the Grand-Final of the prestigious JA Thompson History Debating Competition on Friday 3 November. The topic was ‘That History has absolved Fidel Castro’ and the SCEGGS team debated the affirmative against Good Samaritan Catholic College who were the negative. The subject matter was extremely challenging and the debate was fiercely contested with quality arguing and rebuttal from both sides. In the end, the SCEGGS team did not win the debate, but they should be incredibly proud of their efforts. Madeleine Kowalenko, Millicent Gerstle and Louise Godhard are to be commended for their strong and consistent performances down the bench, with Lilah Shapiro providing excellent support in 4th.

Congratulations to the entire Year 10 team of 14 students who have participated in both the Les Gordon and JA Thompson History Debating competitions this year. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can achieve next year!

Kelly McManus
History Debating Co-ordinator



Place House Points
1st Christian  26 points
2nd Langley 18 points
3rd Docker 16 points
4th Beck 13 points
5th Barton 11 points
6th Badham 10 points

 Well done, Christian House!


I hope to see many of you at the Festival of Lessons and Carols on Thursday 30 November, 7.30pm in SCEGGS Great Hall. It’s always a great celebration as we contemplate those things that are important to all of us. The practice of giving and generosity are somethings we see as important in our community and as we approach the Christmas season there are a few initiatives that I would like to bring to your attention which attend to the needs of those less fortunate.

Mr Lee-Lindsay needs new undies!!
I do need new undies and socks but not for me personally. There are many that live on our streets that have minimal clothing and obtaining clean and wearable socks and underwear is a constant issue. There are numerous health and hygiene problems that go with the lack of these particular clothing items and several welfare organisations in our local area are always seeking out these items. For the rest of the year I have asked all students if they can bring in socks and/or undies for a specific age group and gender. Their Class and Form Teachers would have given them some instruction on this over the past week. There will be a collection container in the Primary Office and outside the Chapel. Towards the end of term, the socks and undies will be distributed amongst several organisations with which we are connected.

Anglicare Toys and Tucker
Every girl in the School is asked to contribute towards providing a Christmas gift for a child of a certain age group which will be collected at our School Christmas Service. Most of these gifts will go to Anglicare who will then deliver them to families struggling with poverty in our city. This always brings a lot of joy to the children as well as the parents. Some parents feel ashamed that they cannot provide a gift for their children due to their circumstances and our donations help them to have something to celebrate during Christmas. Form and Class Teachers will help the students to plan and prepare for this activity over the next few weeks.

Settlement Services International
Settlement Services International (SSI) is a leading not-for-profit organisation providing a range of services in the areas of humanitarian settlement, accommodation, asylum seeker assistance, foster care and disability support in NSW. SSI is the largest not-for-profit humanitarian settlement organisation in Australia. Some of the gifts that we receive at the Christmas Service will also go to refugee children connected to this service. They have also asked for donations of stationery. The types of items that they are looking for include:

  • colour pencils, textas and crayons
  • erasers and sharpeners
  • playdough
  • mindfulness colouring books
  • any art/craft supplies or packs

If you are able to provide any of these items please deliver them to either the General Office or directly to my office.

Gift Wrapping for Charity
I have recently been informed about Mary's House domestic violence refuge in northern Sydney which is run by the North Sydney Women’s Benevolent Association, Myer in Chatswood is providing the opportunity for volunteers to wrap Christmas gifts for Myer customers and raise funds for Mary's House. All donations from the gift wrapping service provided by volunteers will go to Mary's House. All volunteers need to be in Year 10 or older. If you are interested please contact Clare Cooper or Jan Beach at

Garry Lee-Lindsay
School Chaplain



With a focus on looking for opportunities to ‘design for others’, the TAS Department searched for a community and organisation for whom our Year 10 students could create authentic design projects for. Tapping into the growing relationship the SCEGGS community is building with WCS, Women’s Community Shelters, an organisation providing emergency housing for women and children in need, our students embarked on a design challenge to design and make ‘welcome gifts’ that were both functional, unique and quality made.

After an initial presentation by Ms Simone Parsons, the Shelter network manager, the students applied creative strategies to design an extensive range of products addressing simple yet important needs to a person who has arrived at the shelters with little or no belongings.

171116 Soul Support

Last week we invited a representative from the WCS, Ms Linda Peach, to present the project and share the design concepts behind the students' work. Our students' reflection on their work was very touching as they expressed how important they felt the opportunity was to design for others and make connections through the process.

Congratulations to both Year 10 Design and Technology classes on creating quality and a large quantity of welcome gifts.

Caroline O’Sullivan
Head of TAS



Congratulations to Bridget Malouf and Lara Herring, Year 12 2017, on receiving nominations for their Major Design Projects in ‘Shape 2017’; the annual exhibition of a selection of exemplary Major Projects developed by HSC Design and Technology students.

Both Bridget and Lara developed challenging and innovative projects addressing genuine needs and opportunities in the process.

Bridget’s Surfboard Riders Life Saving Aid was developed as a response to her observation of Australian beach conditions where surfboard riders are often the first people to encounter swimmers in danger. Her wearable inflatable device can be worn by the surfer then inflated and cast to a swimmer in distress.

171116 Bridget Malouf

Lara’s passion for sustainable design, lead her to embark on ways and means to upcycle large public advertisement banners after their one-use application. Analysing the aesthetic in the printed material and identifying festival goers as the ideal target market, Lara designed a spectacular range of wet weather gear from the waste banners; addressing both upcycling factors and the throw-away plastic poncho issues at festival and public events.

171116 Lara Herring 4

Congratulations to both students as well as the entire Year 12 Design and Technology, 2017 cohort on their endeavours and a creative collection of projects.

Caroline O’Sullivan
Head of TAS



The Howard Tanner Award for Drawing Exhibition is on in JF1 until Monday 27 November. Please visit the exhibition between 8.00am and 4.00pm to enjoy these wonderful artworks by dedicated Visual Arts students from Years 7 to 11. Thank you to everyone who entered the Award.

The Award has been judged by Mr Graeme Colman, Head Visual Arts at St Vincent’s College. He has also been co-ordinating Senior Marker of Drawing at HSC marking, setting the standards for that media area.

Mr Colman was overwhelmed by the quality of the work. He has judged the award, since its inception five years ago and could see the impact that the co-curricular course with Ms Lilli Strömland was having in Drawing on the School in general.

He made special mention of the work of Pei Xiang Deacon, Olivia Kibble, Olivia Lee, Alice Santow, Elisabeth Sulich, Neave Taylor and Ella Walters-Adams but, in general, said that he was impressed by the work of every single student in the exhibition.

171116 Howard Tanner

The Howard Tanner Award this year has gone to Elenarose Plaister for her keenly observed, lyrical drawings. Elenarose will receive the prize on Speech Night.

Comments from Mr Colman about Elenarose’s work were:

  • Elenarose is a natural drawer. Her work is unforced and conveys her keen sense of observation.
  • She possesses the skill to render all parts of her drawings in a knowing considered manner.
  • Her vertical drawing of the city, rendered in biro, has a linear intensity. She creates interest not only with her overall mastery of the scene but also in the small vignettes. Using her pen to simulate texture and pattern the work has a cohesive intensity that draws the audience into the work.
  • Her still life drawing is sophisticated and risk-taking in its approach to space. The space that she has left creates an emptiness that counterbalances the tension in the small carefully rendered objects. The large linear elements of the chain and hammer echo the main axis of the work reinforcing the natural geometry of the composition.

Congratulations on these masterful works, Elenarose. Your love of and joy in drawing are obvious in these delightful works.


We are very proud to announce that we have had five Visual Arts students pre-selected for Art Express. Kendall Fraser, Heather Lee, Bridget Malouf, Sophia Mavris and Geena Morgan. We congratulate these students and wish them the best of luck with the final selection.

171116 Art Express

171116 Art Express2Katrina Collins
Head of Visual Arts



Term IV - Week 6

171116 Olivia Kibble Year 10

Olivia Kibble
Year 10


CIS Cricket
Congratulations to Lilian Pritchard who represented IPSHA in the CIS Cricket team. The CIS team took part in the NSWPSSA Championships at Maitland last week in varying heat conditions. In the first match, CIS defeated Sydney North who ultimately won the Championships. However while Sydney North maintained the momentum CIS could not quite do so, but with all girls having a chance to bat and bowl there was an opportunity for developing skills and teamwork, resulting in a very happy team effort throughout the tournament. It was a highly enjoyable week for all with CIS finally finishing in tenth place when they lost the final exciting play-off game by 2 runs.

IPSHA Football Trials
IPSHA Football trials will be held on Tuesday 28 November and Tuesday 5 December at Moore Park, corner of Robertson and Lang Roads, from 3.15pm-4.50pm. The girls will be taken by bus to the venue and may be picked up at 4.50pm at the fields or 5.20pm outside the Sports Hall.

Sue Phillips
Primary Sport and PDHPE Co-ordinator



 There are currently no Class Parent Events to report.