Other Co-curricular Highlights

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Success for our Year 10 team in the Eastside Debating Competition 2017

The Eastside Debating Competition culminated in its last event, the Grand-Final, last Friday night at Cranbrook. The Year 7 and Year 10 teams did so well to get to this level in the competition. Congratulations to our Year 10s who were able to convincingly defeat Scots College in a unanimous decision by the panel of three adjudicators on the night! The girls argued for the negative on the topic “that South Korea should acquire nuclear weapons” and were able to argue very persuasively about the harms of a potential nuclear war.

The Year 7 team were very narrowly defeated in their debate against Rose Bay Secondary College on the negative side of the topic “that parents should push their children to get into selective High Schools”. The decision was split two to one; which indicates just how close the debate was! 

Primary girls competed in this year’s Robocup Competition at the University of New South Wales

During Terms II and III, a number of our Year 5 and 6 students prepared to take part in the NSW Robocup Junior Dance competition. The challenge is an integration of Science, Technology, Mathematics and the Arts (STEAM). The girls were tasked with programing Lego EV3 robots to perform to Music. They were also encouraged to decorate their own robots to give them real personality.

160915 Robocup

Preparation for the competition occurred during lunchtime coding club and the girls gained the knowledge they would need to write code to control the robots and considered how we might use sensors to keep the robot inside the ‘dance floor’ area. The culmination of the project saw the girls taking part in a state wide competition against over forty schools at the University of New South Wales.

This was a tremendous learning experience for the students where their ability to think creatively and critically and to solve problems was really put to the test. Students who were involved in Robocup this year were:

Year 5:
Ruby Cooney
Scarlett Cooper
Harriett Darnell
Grace McCormick
Mietta Paipetis
Lillian Pritchard
Eleanor Purcell
Ivy Rush
Connie Vertzyas
Sally Webster
Sophia Wood

Year 6:
Renee Ayoub
Kate Brenner
Anais Hewitt-Taylor
Clementine Hooper
Lucy Juneja
Ze McGrath
Jemimah O’Brien
Mary Williams

Primary School girls develop their debating skills through the IPSHA Debating Competition

SCEGGS competed in the IPSHA Debating Competition again this year. Two Year 6 teams prepared for each round on the affirmative and negative sides of a topic and then either hosted or visited another school to debate against them.
Some of the more interesting topics this year were “That video games should be included in the Olympics” and “That pocket money should be earned”. The girls enjoy working with their coach at lunchtime on Fridays to work out both sides of the argument. The Rounds were held every two to three weeks on Friday afternoons during Terms II and III.

SCEGGS also competed in the IPSHA Debating Gala Day held in September at Kambala. This year the two teams prepared and debated the topic “That teenagers are slaves to fashion”.
While the emphasis in this competition is on developing some skills in debating and socialising with students from other schools, the girls were usually always able to win one out of the two debates they participated in in each round, and at the Gala Day.