Academic Highlights

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Year 4 Musical The Hundred Year Snooze - the story of Sleeping Beauty ....

170620 Year 4 Concert 2

This year's Year 4 musical was performed on Friday 26 May, to the delight of the girls’ parents, grandparents and other relatives and friends. The girls brought to life the story of Sleeping Beauty, incorporating drama, music and dance in a delightful comedy. The girls learnt a great deal in their preparations for the performance, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. They were also excited to share excerpts of the production with some of our Old Girls at this year’s Ascension Day luncheon. Well done to everyone in Year 4!

170620 Year 4 Concert 1

Buildings, Bridges and Beyond! A day of engineering in the Primary School

Late in Term II the Primary School girls spent a full day immersing themselves in the world of engineering. Through exploration of the design process, the girls were engaged in a range of tasks that allowed them to think creatively and logically to find solutions to ‘real world’ engineering problems.

170511 Stage 1 Happy Builder WorkshopThe girls in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 used a character called ‘Engibear’ to explore the characteristics and qualities that engineers demonstrate. They then applied these qualities at a building workshop where they used 92,000 small wooden blocks to construct a cityscape and bridge. They then explored building bridges further through the context of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.

Years 3 and 4 donned their engineer hats and designed and produced an escape route for Rapunzel. By examining real world solutions for travelling from high areas to low, they were able to engineer solutions based on ziplines, pulleys and even hot air balloons!170511 Stage 2 Escape for Rapunzel Challenge

Years 5 and 6 girls travelled to another dimension, engineering a plan to help land a lunar rover onto Mars. The girls investigated methods NASA has used to land objects in space, considering the scientific principle of gravity, and worked with very limited equipment to cleverly produce solutions of their own.

The day was a great success and gave the girls an excellent insight into the design process and engineering in a real world context. We hope we have inspired some budding female engineers!

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

We are so proud of each and every one of the girls - of their HSC results, of their academic and co-curricular achievements throughout their 13 years of schooling, and particularly their spirit and character.

The attached summary provides an overview of some of the different statistics for the different courses and highlights many successes and the depth of performance across the cohort. We congratulate the Class of 2015, every single girl, on achieving their Higher School Certificates and being the fine young women they have become.

pdf2016 HSC Results

Success for SCEGGS French Students

Our Year 11 students participated in the New South Wales French Challenge and many of them were awarded Distinctions and High Distinctions. Special congratulations to Mia Gruzin, Sophie Krygier and Sofia Latham who, on the basis of their impressive results against 200 other students, took part in the prestigious La Pérouse Speaking Competition. Sophie Krygier, who even competed against Year 12 students, placed third overall. What an outstanding achievement! Bravo, Sophie!

Sophia Mavris wins The Howard Tanner Award for Drawing

161117 Sophia Mavris

The Howard Tanner Award for Drawing has been granted to Sophia Mavris (Year 11). Sophia made 3 exquisite line drawings of street scenes in Japan. Her work was selected by Mr Graeme Colman, Head Teacher Visual Arts at St Vincent’s College. Mr Colman described Sophia’s work as depicting the poetry or the ordinary and every day. The viewer has a sense of the drawing as being a way of paying attention to the world around us. Sophia showed great discernment in her choice of line and general mark making. Her work is a summary of what we see as we look into the streets yet no detail has been neglected. The geometry and grid like structure of the work is very compelling and creates a sense of calm, quiet an order in the busy worlds that she has rendered.

161117 Olivia Lee

Olivia Lee (Year 9) and Olivia Kibble (Year 9) are highly commended. Olivia Lee for her skilful drawing technique and Olivia Kibble for her ability to manipulate her materials to show the personality of her portrait subjects and her careful observation of and rendering of every detail. We congratulate these girls on this wonderful achievement.

161117 Olivia Kibble

Katrina Collins
Head of Visual Arts



Victory to SCEGGS in the 2nd Annual Economics Tri-Series Debate

The 2nd annual senior tri-series Economics debate took place on Wednesday 14 September in the Great Hall between SCEGGS and Shore. Last year’s inaugural debate saw an analytical and highly robust debate between Shore and Sydney Grammar on the topic Fiscal discipline creates a virtuous cycle for the economy, with the SCEGGS adjudication panel awarding the debate to the affirmative team, Shore, in a very close contest.

This year, SCEGGS hosted the debate and competed against Shore, with Grammar providing the adjudication panel. The SCEGGS team consisted of Sam Barnes, Charlotte Munns, Frances Fewster and Tani Hasson, debating the affirmative on the topic Monetary Policy is no longer an effective policy instrument. The topic was announced the week prior to the debate with a coin toss by Grammar on the Monday morning of Week 9, determining who would affirm. On the night, each speaker had 8 minutes to deliver their argument. The debate was chaired by Kendall Fraser (Year 11) with Chelsey Fowler (Year 11) providing the timekeeping.

After a tense 15 minute adjudication break, Sydney Grammar Chief adjudicator Ed Smyth delivered an in-depth analysis of the debate, awarding SCEGGS the winner!

Congratulations go to Sam, Tani, Charlie and Frances for their efforts in preparing for the debate and providing a strong home crowd with some analytical rebuttal and a solid team argument.

Special thank you must also go to Mr Neal Townley (Head of Economics, Sydney Grammar) and Mr Mark Wells (Head of Economics and Business, Shore) for their efforts in initiating the debating series and look forward to many great debates in the years to come.

The SCEGGS Primary Writing Competition 2016

The SCEGGS Primary Writing Competition is a wonderful opportunity for students to build on their writing skills and apply the literary techniques and devices they have learnt in the classroom. Held in the first 6 weeks of Term III, each Stage was presented with an animation to motivate and inspire imaginative writing. Responses were submitted in a wide variety of forms such as diary entries, letters, newspaper articles, stories and poems. The impressive submissions were judged by a panel of teachers and awards were presented to the following girls:

Winner: Elizabeth Teoh
Highly Commended: Brigitte Deeming-Hall

Year 1
Winner: Grace Chandler
Highly Commended: Lilla Brennan

Year 2
Winner: Natalie Assaad
Highly Commended: Isabella Lyndon

Year 3
Winner: Samantha Millin
Highly Commended: Helaina Travassaros

Year 4
Winner: Beatrix Rivers
Highly Commended: Keira Niahos

Year 5
Winner: Nicola Allen
Highly Commended: Sophia Wood

Year 6
Winner: Mary Williams
Highly Commended: Lucia Gelonesi

Congratulations to all our 2016 award winners and those highly commended, and a huge thank you to all of the students that entered the competition.

Stage 3 extend their writing skills at a Writers’ Retreat

The location for this year’s Stage 3 Writers’ Retreat was the Port Hacking Conference Centre in the Royal National Park. Using the tranquil surrounds of the bush and river environment as a stimulus, the girls in Years 5 and 6 immersed themselves in two days of uninterrupted writing. The eight teachers accompanying the girls designed a diverse range of writing activities including topics like Writing for the Soul, Secret Diaries, Journalist on Location and Dreamtime Stories. The Retreat allowed girls the opportunity to focus on the process of writing – from exploring sensory imagery and brainstorming different ideas and perspectives, to planning, drafting and editing. Both the girls and teachers thoroughly enjoyed this unique writing experience. It was magical!

161116 Stage 3 Writers Retreat

Primary Girls and their thirst for Mathematical Problem Solving

In the Primary School there are many very capable Mathematics students who thrive on activities centred around problem solving and mathematical reasoning. The teachers cater for the learning needs of these girls in a range of ways. The teaching programs in the classrooms are differentiated to match the ability levels of the girls and those girls with a particular flair or interest in problem solving are entered into competitions such as the AMT Mathematics Challenge and the APSMO Mathematics Olympiad. We recently received the results from our Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 entries into the Mathematics Challenge. Of the 28 students who competed in this national competition, 8 were awarded Distinctions and 15 received Credits. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the challenge component of this competition and gained a great deal out of solving complex problems that required sustained high-order thinking skills.

Year 12 TAS Students Major Works design with style

Click on the links below to see the works of our Design & Technology students who have created some amazing products and designs for their Major Work. Click on the pictures to see larger versions.

2016 Students

Clementine Coles

Emma Cottle

Emma Deutsch

Alice Heraud

Phoebe Hick

Jessie Liang

Lucy Limmer

Georgina Markwick

Emily Moss

Scarlett Musgrove

Gabriella Orfanos

Isabel Rewais

Ella Sloan

Melanie Stramotas



Poem shortlisted in the Young Writer’s Award

Young Writer’s Award
Niamh Brazil (Year 9) has been shortlisted for the 2016 John Marsden and Hachette Australia Prize for Young Writers for her poem The Accordion. Her poem personifies the musical instrument in order to explore how it has witnessed twentieth century European history. As a part of this honour Niamh has been invited to participate in a Creative Writing Masterclass in Melbourne with Australian author James Phelan as a part of the Melbourne Writer’s festival. We wish her all the best for this incredible opportunity!


Great achievements in the International Latin Examination

The Years 9-12 Latin students participated in competitions run by the Classical Languages Teachers’ Association and the international American Classical League.

The International Latin Examination is a worldwide examination for High School Latin students – over 160,000 students from across the world sat for the examination this year. Latin students from Years 9-12 students at SCEGGS participated in the examination and achieved outstanding results. Three girls achieved a perfect score in the examination:

  • Audrey Armstrong-Bailey (Year 12) achieved a perfect score for the third time, building on her perfect scores in 2013 and 2014;
  • Anna Ho (Year 10) also achieved a perfect score, a feat achieved by only 900 students out of 140,000 at her level across the world;
  • Sabrina Liu (Year 9) achieved a perfect score in her first International Examination.

Eight Gold Medals and two Silver Medals were also awarded to our girls in Years 10-12.

On the basis of their excellent results, Year 12 students Audrey Armstrong-Bailey and Tiana Tambyrajah were offered the opportunity to apply for a university scholarship.

The Kevin Lee Latin Quiz is a long-standing inter-school competition for classics students in NSW. This year, the Quiz was held at Barker College in June, and SCEGGS teams overcame a strong field of more than 10 schools to win the Grand Finals in both the junior and senior divisions. The students were quizzed on their knowledge of vocabulary, derivatives, grammar, history, mythology, culture and general knowledge in a “Sale of the Century” style format.

The Years 9–10 team consisted of India Godfrey-Hill, Louise Godhard, Madeleine Kowalenko and Cindy Purvis, and the Year 10 team included Hannah Ahern, Charlotte Harris, Ophilia Kong, Ellen Kriedemann and Zinnia Robinson.

Earlier this month, the Year 9 Latin class participated in the Year 9 Latin Reading Competition at Kambala. Cindy Purvis was highly commended for her reading of a passage from Cicero’s pro Archia, and Louise Godhard gave a polished performance of a passage from Book 1 of Vergil’s Aeneid. The class’ group reading of an excerpt from the same poem was of a very high standard. The overall marks achieved by the Year 9 class in the competition won them the Orpheus Prize.

Congratulations to all our Latin girls for their wonderful achievements over recent months – we are proud of all of you.


SCEGGS girls make the Finals in Visual Arts Awards

160728 Olivia Lee

Congratulations to Olivia Lee of Year 9 who is a finalist in the Young Archie Awards. Her portrait of her sister Margot is on display at the Art Gallery of NSW.

2807 Stephanie Woo

Congratulations also to Stephanie Woo who is a finalist in the Mosman Youth Art award. Her painting is on display at the Mosman Art Gallery.

It is wonderful to see these artworks receive such recognition. We applaud these students for such skilful, considered artworks.