The Shirley Moore-Jones Scholarship

This means-tested scholarship for a girl entering Year 7 is named in honour of Shirley Moore-Jones from the Class of 1943, in gratitude for her significant philanthropic support of the SCEGGS Trust.

The Shirley Moore-Jones Scholarship is designed to assist a student who has the potential to grow and contribute to the school. This could be through academic, creative, sporting or leadership avenues. We are looking for a girl whose emerging strengths can be developed, whilst contributing to the life of the school and the diversity of the student population.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate a reasonably sound academic background along with a real interest in activities outside the classroom which could include sport, debating, the creative and performing arts, public speaking or leadership.

The scholarship is means-tested and covers 75% of tuition fees. It aims to provide the opportunity for a student to attend SCEGGS whose family would not otherwise be able to afford to send them to the school without this assistance.

The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of application and interview.

Applications close on Monday 10 February, 2020.

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