The Shining Light Program

SCEGGS has a long history of generous support from parents, Old Girls and friends of SCEGGS. As part of our commitment to providing the very best possible opportunities for those girls who come to SCEGGS, the SCEGGS Trust undertakes fundraising initiatives on behalf of the School.

Traditionally, we have run separate fundraising appeals but in 2011 we reviewed and revised our fundraising based on feedback from the SCEGGS community.

We have created The Shining Light Program – this is the name we have given to encompass all our fundraising programs.

Each year the Shining Light will have a specific  fundraising  focus. In 2018, we are focussing on the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund.

The Trust has set a $10 million target and the money we raise will be applied to new means-tested Scholarships at SCEGGS, over the next three years.

Gifts to the Scholarship and Building Funds have the advantage of being tax deductible which may assist with financial planning.

Philanthropic gifts continue to assist SCEGGS in providing outstanding facilities together with ensuring diversity in the School community and the much valued independence of the School.

We thank you for your generous support and we are grateful for every gift given to SCEGGS.

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Contact Name: Daisy Bahen - Director of Development
Telephone: (02) 9332 1133

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