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The SCEGGS Trust Board

The SCEGGS Trust has a governing Board made up of current and past parents, members of staff and Old Girls of the School. The Board co-ordinates and oversees the activities of the Trust and manages the various fundraising initiatives. Currently, the members of the SCEGGS Trust Board of Directors are:

Kotowicz Michael

Mr Michael Kotowicz
Current Parent

Board Members

Christy Boyce Cooney George

Ms Christy Boyce
Current Parent

Mr George Cooney
Current Parent


Stuart Comino


Mr Stuart Comino
Current Parent

Dixon Kate Hick Peter

Ms Kate Dixon
Current Parent

Mr Peter Hicks
Chair of the School Board


Jamieson Michael  

Mr Michael Jamieson
Current Parent


Ms Philippa King
Current Parent

 David Krawitz Shatford Ruth

Mr David Krawitz
Current Parent

Dr Ruth Shatford
School Board


Trust Board Stephen Turner

 Natalie Meyenn

Mr Stephen Turner
Current Parent


Ms Natalie Meyenn
Current Parent
Allum Jenny Bahen Daisy

Ms Jenny Allum
Head of School

Ms Daisy Bahen
Director of Development