Philip Clark

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Some words from Philip Clark, past parent and ex Trust Board member on the Scholarship Fund. 

With the enormously successful capital campaign to raise funds to assist in the building of the Joan Freeman Science, Art and Technology Centre now over, the SCEGGS Trust Board has been turning its mind to how it might continue to assist in building the SCEGGS Community.
Bricks and mortar are important of course. It is difficult to provide first class education for the girls, current and future, without proper facilities. With the completion of the Joan Freeman Centre, the school will have put in place the last major building project that our inner city site allows.
The things that make a SCEGGS education unique are beyond buildings and facilities.
The commitment to social justice, fairness and giving back to the community are attributes in SCEGGS students of which we are all justly proud and which we all value.
As succeeding generations pass through the school The Trust Board will continue to ask parents and the wider school community for support in a range of ways, so that each generation will truly be able to say that they left the place in a better and more well equipped state than they found it. 
One of the areas the Trust would like to explore is the notion of access to the school for the widest possible number of students in order to preserve and build the generally egalitarian nature of the SCEGGS Community.
With school fees at the level they are it is not possible for every student to gain access to the unique nature of a SCEGGS education.

The Trust would like to help create greater opportunities for girls from the widest possible catchment of socio economic and cultural backgrounds to come to SCEGGS.

The Trust hope to do this by broadening and developing the Scholarship Program to try and achieve a goal of having 10 percent of the school community assisted in some way by a scholarship or access program.

The School Board is currently considering the broader policy issues of the Scholarship Program. It will be the job of the Trust, with the support of the whole school community, to realise the goal of saying that SCEGGS not only shines its light but also endeavours to spread it as far as possible.
Philip Clark
Past SCEGGS Parent