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Historically SCEGGS has had a long commitment to social justice, diversity and opportunity and the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund has been set up to provide opportunities to those girls who would not otherwise be able to access a SCEGGS education. Supported by parents, Old Girls and friends of SCEGGS, the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund is an important part of the school's history and future.

The Shining Light Program focus for 2018 is the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund. We are seeking to raise $10 million for new scholarships over the next three years and we ask that you consider supporting this important initiative.

SCEGGS has increased its financial commitment to the Scholarship Program by 80%. Currently around 36 - 40 girls benefit from a SCEGGS scholarship. SCEGGS has a long term goal of having 10% of the secondary school assisted in some way by the scholarship program over time.

The Grace Newbery Scholarship is the first new scholarship supported by the Scholarship Fund. Available from 2012, the Grace Newbery Scholarship is a means-tested scholarship available to girls in Year 7.

Fundraising has also been completed for our next means-tested scholarship. The Shirley Moore-Jones Scholarship is named in honour of Old Girl and Badham Felllow, Shirley MOORE-JONES (1943), in gratitude of her significant philanthropic support of the SCEGGS Trust.

Last year fundraising commenced for the next means-tested scholarship, the Diana Bowman Scholarship. The scholarship will be such a fitting way to honour Diana, who is such and important person in the life and history of the school.

A gift through The Shining Light Program to the Scholarship Fund will ensure that we can continue to build up funds for further new scholarships and give girls greater opportunities to experience a SCEGGS education.

If you would like to make a gift to the Scholarship Fund (all gifts over $2 are tax deductible please contact the Development Office.

We are very appreciative of every gift we receive through The Shining Light Program and thank you for your generosity in helping SCEGGS to build the Scholarship Fund.

Why I support the Scholarship Fund

link  Rhonda DANIELS (Old Girl 1986)

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Contact Name: Daisy Bahen - Director of Development
Telephone: (02) 9332 1133

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