Barbara Benjamin

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At the end of second term in 1942, I left PLC Orange where I had been a boarder for two terms, due to the sudden death of my much loved father. Being an only child, both my mother and myself wanted me to return to Sydney as a day girl.
My mother visited Miss Wilkinson, seeking my enrollment at SCEGGS, and explained the sad circumstances which had caused the change of schools in the last term of my Intermediate year.

Miss Wilkinson showed great kindness and compassion to my grieving mother, even offering her a reduction in the school fees. So, in the final term of 1942 I arrived as a "new girl" at SCEGGS still wearing my Black Watch tartan uniform, (this being permitted for one term, due to clothes rationing). Although this made me somewhat conspicuous, nevertheless I was made to feel very welcome by both staff and students and I was happy.

By first term in 1943 I had acquired a school uniform and began to feel like a "real SCEGGS girl". My time at SCEGGS was all too short, would that it could have been longer.

I have never forgotten Miss Wilkinson's great kindness to my mother and to me, and so, when recently revising my will I considered that some recognition should be made of this by way of a bequest and I am honoured to be a "Barham Fellow".

Barbara Benjamin, 1944.