Gillian Rozenberg

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One reaches a stage in life when one reflects on the years gone by and you ask yourself “what have I achieved in life” and if you are a professional person, “what have I achieved in my chosen profession”?

My first thoughts go back to my days spent at SCEGGS. I am very aware how meaningful those days were to me and the significant role that SCEGGS played in equipping me for a career in medical science. Education has been foremost in my career. Sharing the knowledge acquired along the way gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Indeed, our school motto ‘Luceat Lux Vestra’ shines through every SCEGGS girl.

SCEGGS continues to provide a high standard of education. In fact the girls of today have many more opportunities compared to those which were available when I was at school. These opportunities have been brought about by the generosity of the SCEGGS family, both current and past. The girls of today are taught to play any number of musical instruments thanks to the establishment of the Diana Bowman Performing Arts Centre. Similarly, in the near future, the girls will have the opportunity of acquiring an enviable grounding in the field of science when the Joan Freeman Science and Technology Centre is constructed.

Yes, you also can participate in this exciting venture. You can become a Barham Fellow and thereby contribute to this and future projects from which your children and grandchildren will benefit. Your children will also embark on a profession that will enable them to share their knowledge with others. So let us all work together so that future generations of SCEGGS girls may experience that which we were so privileged to experience in our time spent at SCEGGS.

Live up to our motto “Luceat Lux Vestra’. Become a Barham Fellow!

Gillian Rozenberg (LIVERMORE 1961)