Donna Driver (JACKSON - 1968)

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The Head of SCEGGS
Jenny Allum

Director of Development
Joy England

7th March 2010

Dear Jenny and Joy

It is with pleasure I would like to present a cheque to you for $5,000 (five thousand dollars) as a gift from me to The SCEGGS Scholarship Fund as a celebration of my days at the school and also to celebrate my 60th birthday.

SCEGGS has always been very dear to my heart. I have benefited so greatly throughout my life by being educated there.

My days at SCEGGS gave me the foundation to go forward with my life once I left the school, equipping me with confidence, a sound education, truth and conviction. The path was not always clear or easy, nor the direction obvious but SCEGGS instilled in me the power to think, evaluate and make choices with an open minded thought process.

I would like to become a Barham Fellow. I have left instructions in my Will to bequeath to SCEGGS a fixed amount of money upon my death. I have advised my family of my wishes and the amount of money I wish to leave to the school.

I leave with you the words from 'Desiderata' which I feel are words full of wisdom. My three daughters had this poem read at their weddings and although it is dated 1927, I believe its words are so poignant today.

These words I believe are unspoken in the philosophy of SCEGGS.

We as Old Girls are scattered throughout the world pursuing so many different paths, and yet are still united as SCEGGS Old Girls.

'Luceat Lux Vestra'
'Let your light shine'

That is what I have tried to do throughout my life.

SCEGGS showed me the way and 'lit the light' to go forward.

Donna Driver (JACKSON -1968)