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SCEGGS has always had a very strong and pro-active community which is held in great regard and affection by Old Girls, parents, staff and friends of SCEGGS. In recognition of those strong ties, SCEGGS has been the fortunate recipient of bequests from generous benefactors who have benefitted from and enjoyed their association with SCEGGS.

A recent bequest from Old Girl, Mary STEPHENS (1937) has been directed to the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund at her request. This extraordinarily generous gift has helped us to work towards extending the Scholarship Fund which aims to provide scholarships for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In addition, SCEGGS was the very grateful recipient of two significant bequests last year. These gifts, also directed to the Scholarship Fund will have an extraordinary impact on all our girls, now and in the future.

Similarly a bequest by Joan FREEMAN (1935) was the cornerstone of the fundraising efforts for the new Joan Freeman Science, Art and Technology Centre, named in her honour.

All those who have generously indicated that they are intending to leave a legacy to SCEGGS are invited to become a Barham Fellow. This allows us to honour, in the lifetime of the giver, the very important gift they are making which builds the future security of the School.

Since SCEGGS was established in 1895, there have been philanthropic gifts which have helped us to develop into the school we are today. Bequests are an extremely important and effective way of continuing that development and securing the future.

Becoming a Barham Fellow is a way of continuing that endeavour and it is inspiring that many continue to invest in the future of SCEGGS.

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Why I became a Barham Fellow

link  Donna Driver (JACKSON -1968)

link  Gillian Rozenberg (LIVERMORE 1961)

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