Annual Giving 2018

From the Head of School

The tradition of giving is an integral part of the SCEGGS ethos, and our Annual Giving Program is one of the most important ways SCEGGS is able to raise funds.

Following the release of our Strategic Plan, Our Path Ahead, in 2018 we are again asking for the support of our entire community.

As we continue to expand our means-tested Scholarship Program and prepare the Development Application for our new Building Masterplan, a donation to either the Scholarship Fund or the Building Fund will have an enormous impact.

SCEGGS is, and always will be, about the girls. So, by supporting SCEGGS and our strategic vision you will be providing our girls with extraordinary opportunities for learning. All gifts, no matter the size, will help to strengthen and improve the educational experience for every girl, now and in the future.

I hope you will join me in supporting SCEGGS in 2018!

Jenny Allum
Head of School

The SCEGGS Scholarship Fund

Goal: To ultimately have 10% of our girls assisted in some way by a partial or full means-tested scholarship.

SCEGGS is an inclusive, diverse, and accepting community, and the expansion of the Scholarship Fund underlines the strong SCEGGS tradition of including girls and families from all backgrounds.

We want our students to bring with them a broad range of talents, skills and interests and to also come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Our scholars strengthen our entire school, and we believe a vibrant and visible Scholarship Program teaches our girls the values of diversity, tolerance, social justice and community service - all central to our ethos.

We also want our students to be socially aware and exposed to the great range of familial backgrounds, ideas and different ways of thinking, recognising that no one culture is intrinsically superior to another.

Supported by the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund, our means-tested Scholarship Program has therefore been set up to provide opportunities to those girls who would not otherwise be able to access a SCEGGS education.

Scholarships cover full or partial tuition and are designed to financially assist enthusiastic students enjoy the benefits of a SCEGGS education. So, with the support of our entire community, it is our long-term goal to have 10% of the High School assisted in some way by the Scholarship Program over time.

We are proud to share two of our many scholarship stories below:
Fiona FORRESTER (Class of 1996)

At SCEGGS I was not lost in a crowd. I had teachers who saw my potential and nurtured my growth, and I had choices in the direction I developed my interests and abilities. I was encouraged to participate in a broad range of activities across not only academic areas, but artistic, sporting and spiritual areas too. Without a scholarship I would not have been able to attend a school where I was recognised and valued as an individual. As someone who has struggled with self-confidence over the years, I greatly appreciate having had that opportunity in my high school environment.

When I graduated I studied Science at Sydney University and gained a TAFE Certificate and Diploma in IT. During this time I discovered my interest in teaching, through supporting others in my classes. This led to a Bachelor of Teaching at Sydney University, before finally completing a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at Flinders University in Adelaide – my original aspiration.

I can’t say I took the most direct road, but I am now a fully qualified GP in a little country town two hours north of Adelaide. I work in both local clinics and country hospitals, in a practice that is very involved in GP registrar/intern/student training. So, a bit of biology and teaching, and enough computer knowledge to sort out basic issues - I guess it has all tied together in the end!

I really believe the Scholarship Program is important because of the opportunities it can provide to those who would otherwise miss out due to financial circumstances. In an ideal world, ability and potential should not be limited by financial background, but in practical terms this is not possible for most. Means-tested scholarships can provide support for at least some of those who would otherwise be lost to circumstance, and give them the best opportunity to flourish and let their own light shine - and to guide the way for others to follow.
Fiona Forrester

Amelia PERRY (Class of 2011)
Being granted a scholarship was life changing!
Although my family had a very long and proud history with the school, coming from a single parent household and being diagnosed with a chronic illness in Year 8, meant there was no way I would have been able to access an excellent all-round school like SCEGGS without my scholarship.

I formed life-long friendships at SCEGGS, and from the very first time I walked nervously through the Green Gate, to six years later, scurrying past the Prefects when I had forgotten my ribbon (it wasn’t often!), I was always proud to be a ‘SCEGGS girl’. It was that pride and our community spirit that always differentiated us!

Whether it was academic or extra-curricular, by challenging me SCEGGS enabled me to be the very best version of myself. SCEGGS taught me to be open to new experiences and to make the most of every opportunity. And, to be confident in who I was and to work hard to get to where I wanted to be.

When I graduated, I achieved an ATAR high enough to enrol at one of the best Universities in Australia and follow my passion. I studied a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and now work in business development - I would not have been able to do this without the support of SCEGGS.

The Scholarship Program gives young women opportunity. Opportunity to receive a SCEGGS education, to succeed, to form life-long friendships and to reach their full potential.

I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to be given that opportunity!
Amelia Perry

The Trust Building Fund

Goal: To raise $200,000 for Stage 1 of the Building Masterplan

We are really proud of our exciting and innovative building Masterplan! It reflects the school’s vision and aspirations to provide highly functional, flexible and inspiring learning spaces that will ensure we continue to deliver the best possible education for our girls, now and in the future.

Our first step will be the refurbishment of Wilkinson House, and we look forward to sharing the designs and plans with you in due course. In addition, a new Library and Study Centre are also being planned. We’re investigating establishing an Early Learning Centre and the possibility of a new, on-site swimming pool is being considered. Even a design solution for improving the Bourke Street drop-off zone is being sought.

As we continue to prepare the Development Application for the whole site, we are incurring significant costs dealing with architects, town planners and other consultants. Gifts to the Building Fund will help to cover these costs, and allow us to transform our vision into a reality.

How to Donate


For Scholarship Fund: cheques payable to the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund
For Building Fund: cheques payable to the SCEGGS Trust Ltd.

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