Annual Giving 2017

Every year we ask the SCEGGS community to support the school and our commitment to providing the very best possible opportunities for those girls who come to SCEGGS. Your gift, whatever the amount, will have an immediate impact on our girls and allow the school to provide an exceptional educational experience.

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From the Head of School

SCEGGS is, and always will be, about the girls!

Following on from the recent release of our new strategic plan, Our Path Ahead, we are inviting the entire SCEGGS community to join us, as we continue to expand our Means-Tested Scholarship Program and prepare for the initial planning stages of our exciting building Masterplan.

We really value the diversity of our student population. It is something that has made SCEGGS unique over the years. We want our students to come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and to bring with them a broad range of talents, skills and interests. Education is a powerful tool and our scholarships target families who would not otherwise be able to send their daughter to SCEGGS.

A donation to the Scholarship Fund will have an enormous impact. These means-tested scholarships provide more than just financial assistance – they provide opportunities for girls to reach their full potential.

Our building Masterplan provides a road map from SCEGGS as it is today to what our school might look like in 2045. Our first step will involve submitting our Stage 1 Development Application for the whole site and we are seeking the support of our community to help with the associated costs of the planning stages.

I am very excited about the vision encapsulated in Our Path Ahead and hope that you join me in that excitement.

Jenny Allum
Head of School

The SCEGGS Scholarship Fund

Goal: To raise $10 million for the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund over 3 Years

One of SCEGGS’ greatest strengths is our diversity and our scholars strengthen our entire school.

SCEGGS has a strong commitment to social justice, addressing disadvantage and broadening the outlook for all our girls. It is our goal, with the help of the entire SCEGGS community, to raise $10 million for the Scholarship Fund. This will eventually allow 10% of students to be assisted in some way by a means-tested scholarship.

This is a huge commitment and one we know won’t be achieved in the short term. But we have to start. All our new scholarships are means-tested and cover part or full tuition.

Here are just two of our many scholarship stories:
Monique Ah-See Peachey (Class of 2012)

Coming from Wellington, NSW, a town of just 5,000 residents and a school with about 50% Indigenous students, Monique remembers fellow students telling her when she arrived at SCEGGS that they’d never spoken to an Indigenous person before. She welcomed the opportunity to share aspects of her culture – she learned much from us, we learned so much more from her. With her love of sport, Monique went on to study Sports Journalism at UNSW. “SCEGGS really equipped me for uni – both scholastically and emotionally, “ Monique said.

Maeve Curry (Class of 2004)
Maeve would not have had the opportunity to attend SCEGGS without the support of the Joan Freeman Scholarship. It allowed her to access an education that, “instilled the strong belief that confidence in yourself, combined with hard work allows you to achieve your goals”. After the HSC, Maeve went on to study Science and Law at Sydney University and has now recently gone to the NSW Bar, practicing mainly in criminal law. SCEGGS sends you places you would never imagine and reflecting on her career since graduating from SCEGGS, Maeve said, “if you told me back then that I would be a criminal barrister in 10 years, I would have been flabbergasted.”

The Trust Building Fund

Goal: To Raise $200,000 for Stage 1 of the Building Masterplan

Our building Masterplan will provide flexible, well-designed, practical, contemporary and exciting spaces.

Currently, the SCEGGS Masterplan consists of a number of projects. The development of Wilkinson House, a new Library and Study Centre is also being planned. We’re investigating establishing an Early Learning Centre and the possibility of a new, on-site swimming pool is being considered. Even a design solution for improving the Bourke Street drop-off zone is being sought – which may even be off-street!

As we prepare the Development Application for the whole site, we will begin to incur expenses dealing with architects, town planners and the community around us. The funds we are raising will assist in these costs.

As all our girls currently enjoy the generosity of generations of previous donors, please join their ranks and help us start to bring our plans to reality.
We hope that you consider supporting our Annual Giving Appeal; sharing our passion and commitment for providing the best education we can for our girls, current and future.

Gifts are fully tax deductable and can be given directly to the project of your choice.

Your gift really does make a difference!

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