AIS USA Foundation

SCEGGS Darlinghurst is an affiliate member of the Australian Independent Schools USA Foundation (AIS USA). The purpose of this is twofold, firstly to encourage ties between alumni of Australian Independent Schools who are resident in the USA and secondly to provide an opportunity for those who have a US tax liability to be able to make donations to the AIS USA Foundation, which in turn, makes grants to affiliate schools.

The SCEGGS community has been a strong supporter of fundraising at SCEGGS and for those employed in Australia, gifts can be easily made which are tax effective. However, for those living and working overseas in the US, there was no tax effective route.

The AIS USA has sought to address this by setting up a foundation which receives tax exempt status in the USA. The Foundation allows those who have a US tax liability to make gifts which qualify as a tax deduction on their US income tax return.

If you would like to know more about the AISUSA Foundation, or make a gift through the foundation, information can be found on the website

For further information
Contact Name: Daisy Bahen - Director of Development
Telephone: (02) 9332 1133

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