About the SCEGGS Trust

The SCEGGS Trust Ltd was established in 1991 and is a public company limited by guarantee. It is the major fundraising arm of the School providing financial assistance towards the following:

  • Maintaining the School’s excellence in education
  • Continuing the School’s capital development program
  • Providing a financial base to guarantee the School’s future independence

The Trust works to raise financial gifts, bequests and donations through The Shining Light Program for both scholarships and capital projects, such as new buildings and facilities.

We encourage all members of the SCEGGS Community to join the Trust. A copy of the Annual Trust Report is sent to all members. An invitation to the AGM provides an opportunity to hear about the role and work of the Trust. In addition, members of the Trust may stand for office.

The Trust reviews the fund raising activities each year and focuses on one major fund per year. In 2018 the Trust is fundraising through The Shining Light Program for the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund as well as the Trust Building Fund.

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pdf  SCEGGS Trust Annual Report

PDF  Application for Trust Membership

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For further information
Contact Name: Daisy Bahen - Director of Development
Telephone: (02) 9332 1133

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