Second-Hand Books Sale Information

For parents and students wanting to buy or sell 2nd hand books, we are pleased to present a couple of suggestions.

1: Sustainable School Shop's Second-hand Textbook Trading system

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  On line trading system (both buying and selling). Sellers set their own price, and arrange where and when to trade. No payments over the internet.
  Service heavily weighted towards families trading with others within their own school community and then across all schools.
2: T's Textbooks  
  On line selling system. Physical buy back store at Alexandria. T's Book
User Guide
  T's Textbooks buy books subject to condition, paying cash or offering a credit against future purchases.
  Online purchasing with option of pick up from the store or delivery at an extra cost.

The SCEGGS 2020 booklists for Years 2 - 12 can be found using the Textbook link to the left of this page. They have been forwarded to both these companies and the details will also be on their websites.

When buying second-hand books - the ISBN number must be exactly the same as the one listed on the booklist.

If the book has an e-book component - there will be an access code and a licensing period which allows access to the online information. Make sure the code is with the book and check the licensing period is still active or further costs may be involved to extend the license.