SCEGGS Darlinghurst Ltd

The School is owned and operated by SCEGGS Darlinghurst Limited, a company limited by guarantee. It has over 150 members. All adults within the SCEGGS community are eligible for membership including parents, Old Girls, staff, friends and benefactors.

The cost of a six-year membership is $100. This may be made in the form of a payment or donation. All members receive a copy of the Annual Report and may vote at the AGM. Applications for membership are sent to every person who donates to the voluntary Building Fund or the Trust.

If you wish to become a company member please contact the Business Manager, David Tran, on (02) 9332 1133 or email:

The SCEGGS Darlinghurst Limited Constitution complies with the Corporations Act. It sets out the objects of the company and contains provisions about membership, general meetings, voting, the appointment and removal of directors, the powers and duties of directors, audits and accounts and many other matters.

Copies of the Constitution are available to the SCEGGS community.