The History of SCEGGS Darlinghurst

In the afternoon of 17 July, 1895, a new Grammar School for Girls was officially opened in Sydney under the patronage of the Sydney Diocese of the Church of England.

Sydney Church of England Girls’ Grammar School (or S.C.E.G.G.S.) commenced in a terrace house at 65 (now 55) Victoria Street, Darlinghurst with one pupil, Mary Watson, one teacher, Miss Janet Uther and the Principal, Miss Edith Badham. Within a year, the school had increased to 50 pupils and moved to "Chatsworth", a larger home in Macleay Street.

Within five years, the school had 100 pupils, including a Kindergarten and Junior school. "Barham" in Forbes Street, Darlinghurst was purchased and the school moved there in 1901.

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